steer toward (something)

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steer toward (something)

1. To guide or aim a vehicle in the direction of someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "steer" and "toward" to specify what is being driven. Keep the boat steady and toward the lighthouse. The police officer told me to steer the car toward a checkpoint on the side of the road. The pilot began steering the plane toward the nearest airport.
2. To attempt to convince or persuade someone to choose, consider, or become involved with someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "steer" and "toward." Mary said she wanted to go out with Mark, but I tried to steer her toward Mike instead. These pushy salespeople always try to steer you toward the more expensive options. I always try to steer my clients toward sensible investments that will yield steady, long-term growth.
See also: steer, toward

steer something toward someone or something

to guide something in the direction of someone or something. The farmer steered the tractor toward the sheriff, who had come to talk to the farmer. Please steer the car toward the right side.
See also: steer, toward

steer toward someone or something

to turn or drive toward someone or something. He steered toward the empty parking space, but someone got there before he did. steer toward the house with the red door.
See also: steer, toward
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Hareb Al-Muhairy, board member of ADNH, said: "Rutger joins ADNH at a time when the company is strategically steering toward new challenges.
Walker Royce, Kurt Bittner and Mike Perrow's ECONOMICS OF INTERATIVE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: STEERING TOWARD BETTER BUSINESS RESULTS (0321509358, $34.99) provides software development libraries with a strong software management guide discussing how business and technical managers can blend economics and integrative development to receive the best from limited budgets.
The economics of iterative software development; steering toward better business results.
THOUSANDS of vintage and classic vehicles will be steering toward Weston Park this holiday weekend, for the annual Midlands Festival of Transport Show.
Not all the automakers are steering toward global platforming.
Right now, Grace is steering toward socially responsible instruments such as the Calvert and Parnassus fund families, and steering clear of ones that invest in alcohol, tobacco, gambling or nuclear power companies.
Phased arrays, which integrate antennas and phase shifter circuits, are an attractive alternative to gimbaled parabolic reflectors as they offer rapid beam steering towards the desired targets and better reliability.
With the national conversation steering towards the importance of paying due taxes, the details of income tax paid by members of the Senate and National Assembly in 2017 is certain to draw attention from the public and can reveal some very surprising facts about the members of Parliament.
AN ambitious youngster is steering towards a career as a motor vehicle technician, after securing an apprenticeship with Jennings Kia, part of the Jennings Motor Group.
He warned the country's economy was steering towards massive imbalances.
AN AMBITIOUS youngster is steering towards a career in the motor industry after securing an apprenticeship at Ford dealer Jennings.
A week that began with grisly public beheadings appears to be steering towards another moment of peril; IS militants began an assault on the city of Ramadi, a vital stepping stone towards the capture of Baghdad.
ISLAMABAD -- The government has started investigations against security officials deployed on the security of former President Pervez Musharraf over turning the steering towards Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC) instead of presenting Musharraf in court.
We are now decisively steering towards our next milestone of two million deliveries.
This would have avoided another ugly battle the two tech giants may be steering towards in the coming future.