steer clear

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steer clear

To avoid (someone or something). Steer clear of the boss today—he's yelling at everyone he sees. The 8:00 train is always late, so steer clear if you want to be on time.
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steer clear (of someone or something)

to avoid someone or something. John is mad at me, so I've been steering clear of him. Steer clear of that book. It has many errors in it.
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steer/stay/keep clear (of somebody/something)

avoid somebody/something: I’m trying to lose weight so I have to steer clear of fattening foods.It’s best to stay clear of the bank at lunchtimes as it gets very busy.
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In 1987 the Federal Communications Commission concluded that the requirement, first officially enunciated in the 1940s, had deterred TV and radio stations from dealing with issues of public concern: Broadcasters had steered clear of controversial discussions and provocative commentary because they were worried about possible disciplinary action.
Thus Schaufuss steered clear of the copyright minefield, though for all intents and purposes, the new story mirrors Presley's life--the army, the drugs, woman problems, self-destruction--and at one point, the hero-dancer wears a white-sequined, flare-legged satin catsuit and sunglasses.
ROOKIE Nottingham Forest boss David Platt steered clear of controversy in his first big test.
Virgin tycoon Richard Branson yesterday arrived in Scotland on his book signing tour - but he steered clear of his own shop.
But I am not sure that Gould's logic explains why most of the Parisian middle class from the beginning in fact steered clear of the struggle: surely here one would have to consider cultural representations of revolution as a lower-class rampage that respectable people feared.
She insists she steered clear of the booze, wasn't rowdy and didn't try to dance with any guys.