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Freewheel locking hubs are available as an option on Fabco FSD-Series Steerable Drive Axles.
In addition to endoscopy, the coaxial steerable technology may be applied in coronary and neurovascular markets.
For PAD procedures, the AccessPro[TM] system is designed to act as a steerable introducer, guide, and interventional sheath.
Currently available steerable sheaths have a poor torque response, making accurate positioning frustrating and time-consuming," commented Andrea Natale MD, Executive Medical Director, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St.
The TigerWire Steerable Guidewire has been engineered for improved steerability and support," said Denis Gestin, president of the St.
Micrus Endovascular designed and developed the ENZO steerable catheter based on intellectual property gained through its technology acquisition from VascularFX in July 2005.
The XR[TM] reamer line of tools is designed for both conventional and rotary steerable applications and it provides the industry's only available concentric hole enlargement technology that is also capable of enlarging a pilot hole more than 40 percent while drilling.
Brooks Brennan, an Interventional Radiologist with Radisphere National Radiology Group, recently performed the first steerable Balloon Osseoplasty in Ohio, at Lima Memorial Hospital.
The X-38 made a successful first flight on March 12, but the parafoil - a steerable rectangular parachute with a surface area as large as a Boeing 747 wing - twisted during its deployment and a piece of its fabric was ripped.
Tuthill Drive Systems, maker of the world-famous Mud Hog brand of steerable hydraulic drive axles, has been awarded a United States patent for its enhanced flow regulator.
April 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Kalila Medical, a privately held medical device company focused on the development of next-generation steerable catheter technologies, today announced the issuance of U.
The company's Drilling and Formation Evaluation Division will provide Sperry Drilling Services' EZ-Pilot[TM] rotary steerable system, which provides accurate directional drilling control while allowing continuous rotation of the drillstring, and Security DBS Drill Bits' Energy Balanced[R] roller cone bits, which promote improved return on production and longer bit life, and reduce vibration levels; and the Fluid Systems Division will incorporate Baroid Surface Solutions[TM] service, which combines solids control, shale shaker screens and drilling waste management.
Osseon will be displaying its portfolio of steerable vertebral augmentation products at the NASS (North American Spine Society) tradeshow in Dallas, TX, Booth #2914, from October 24[sup.
The sorter uses steerable wheels to divert loads and the same modular construction as the C-L series, including onboard controls, integrated power and communications.
Osseoflex SN+ is steerable and can be used for either bipedicular or unipedicular access, cavity creation, and vertebral augmentation within the vertebral body.