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If Carrithers and Hardy are right, that will be true even if such critics steer clear of sermons and overtly religious works.
Peter Rabbit's mother tells him to steer clear of Mr.
In the meantime, taxpayers outside the Second Circuit must take care to steer clear of this refund trap.
Easily aroused men and boys had best steer clear of Mississippi--at least if State Sen.
After centuries of being hunted, tigers have also learned to steer clear of human beings as a source of food.
He advises those who tend to overindulge during the holidays to "steer clear of too much cheer, resist tempting snacks, line up last in buffet lines, talk more and eat less, and make time for exercise." He also suggests that planning ahead by drinking several glasses of water and eating some fruit or vegetables before attending holiday parties can help people cut back on fat and calories.
* Hooked on Homophonics: It takes unremitting vigilance to steer clear of the homophone traps: A local columnist says, "Lawyers are pouring through vouchers" - poring.
And the panthers steer clear of orange groves due to the dearth of cover and food--such as hogs and deer--found there.
In their rush to sign up new deals, however, landlords should steer clear of new hazards that have become common in today's real estate market.
JORDAN McMILLAN last night backed Hamilton to steer clear of relegation - despite the fact he can do nothing to help after a hernia problem forced him to end his loan spell and return to Rangers.
AN ECHO-backed scheme to help children steer clear of crime has been given its first major donation - pounds 25,000 from the Home Office.
Assistant Chief Constable David Crompton said: "We've been working hard to warn the region's motorists and criminals to steer clear of vehicle crime with an intensive programme of operations and crime prevention work covering the whole force area.
Some advice for Simpson: Steer clear of French fries.
Steer clear of high-interest "consolidation" loans.