steer clear

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steer clear

To avoid (someone or something). Steer clear of the boss today—he's yelling at everyone he sees. The 8:00 train is always late, so steer clear if you want to be on time.
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steer clear (of someone or something)

to avoid someone or something. John is mad at me, so I've been steering clear of him. Steer clear of that book. It has many errors in it.
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steer/stay/keep clear (of somebody/something)

avoid somebody/something: I’m trying to lose weight so I have to steer clear of fattening foods.It’s best to stay clear of the bank at lunchtimes as it gets very busy.
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STEER CLEAR: Bolero jackets, short-waisted tops, vertical lines that minimise curves.
Tourists were advised to check where demonstrations were likely to take place, and steer clear
Last month, Blackburn was temporarily suspended from Classic Gold after he ripped up an e-mail warning him to steer clear of Sir Cliff Richard's golden oldie tunes.
Those wanting to avoid the haze that may settle over the venue would be advised to steer clear, or they may return home a little more jolly than they expected.
RED RIDING HOOD may want to steer clear of a Warwickshire country park next week when it plays host to a family of wolves.
Gaming fans itching to work out their thumbs should steer clear. Also, those with light computing needs can do better with cheaper alternatives.
But teachers have been known to steer clear of the beautiful state.
"One of the things that makes this newsletter unique," says McConnell, "is its ability to steer clear of using testimonials and promoting bank products.
Not content with passing typical comments at the "young fillies" (his words) who work on the show, the disgusting oaf also ordered the manicurist to steer clear of the nail on his little finger, as he uses it to scoop out his nostrils.
Now that Robinson is graduating, which card is best to help her steer clear of debt?
And steer clear of chlorine bleach, yellow soap, cleaning fluids and solvents.
A new recording-industry policy guide about copyrighted material aims to help companies steer clear of problems.
(1) A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services interviewed by The New York Times denied that grant applications are screened for politically controversial topics, but an official at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) said that NIH project officers advise researchers to steer clear of using "sensitive language." While this practice is not new for NIH, the official added, it has been followed much more strictly under the Bush administration than it was previously.