steer away from

steer away from someone or something

to move or turn away from someone or something. You had better steer away from Jeff. He is in a terrible mood. Try to steer away from the potholes. The road is full of them.
See also: away, steer
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TUNIS (TAP) - Nidaa Tounes' 13-member commission will give a news conference on Thursday to outline the results of the action undertaken in an attempt to steer away from the crisis.
The deceased did not leave safety space as due that he could not steer away from the truck ahead, an official said.
Today s decision means merchants would be able to steer customers to use Visa and MasterCard, while it would be virtually impossible to steer away from them.
Laurence, who has designed every aspect of the experience, said he has tried to steer away from the more commercial and less traditional aspects of the yuletide season.
We have to be more creative and steer away from biases and assumptions like 'This company will normally do this,' or 'This type of move may happen in this industry.
The overall trend is for Bulgarians to delay consumer expenses; try to save as much as they can; repay old debt, and steer away from new loans, which makes bank crediting a shrinking factor for economic growth, according to experts.
Try to steer away from the remote control this Christmas with board games for all the family THE AppQuiz is a game show and trivia quiz combined for the iPad.
The BBC has historically been an organisation which has tried to steer away from trouble by having problems referred upwards through the editorial chain.
In a statement issued today, Al-Dair Club strongly condemned all that endangers people's lives and properties, urging youngsters to steer away from instigative calls, which may compromise their future and that of their country, and follow into the steps of their parents.
The American car maker is in the final stages of developing a car that can stay in its lane, steer away from danger, apply breaks when needed, completely on its own, nearly eliminating the possibility of a collision.
ISLAMABAD -- A growing number of old people are moving to the shelter homes just to steer away from any unpleasant confrontation with their children.
KUWAIT, April 17 (KUNA) -- The Environment Public Authority (EPA) strongly warned the public on Tuesday to steer away from Rhayya Area where a fire is still raging, though now under control, and consuming used car tires.
Dubai His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, yesterday underlined the need for Gulf countries to steer away from routine procedures that hinder trade and economic openness among member states, especially in the private sector.
For the modern drinker, it is our response to the demand for more innovative beers that steer away from the overly gassy and bitter drinks produced by larger brewers.
Witnesses reported seeing the plane steer away from houses before hitting a field in nearby Throop.