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Steeped green tea contains only the antioxidants that can be extracted in water, while with matcha, the whole leaf is consumed.
That's the kind of detail, and danger, that lies at the heart of Steep & Deep Ski Camp, a four-day mixture of skill-enhancement, bravado and caution.
Like all good ski camps, Steep & Deep is about taking your skills to the next level.
Given its emphasis on exertion, self-improvement and pure challenge, it may come as little surprise that Steep & Deep Camp is popular among CEOs.
It should also be said that Steep & Deep is an overwhelmingly male experience.
We began by launching ourselves into a ski-off into Rendezvous Bowl, a welcome mat of cut up crud, steep terrain and vertigo-inducing cloud.
A German army veteran who trained with alpine troops, he's taught Steep & Deep for nine years.
Luckily, the rest of the legendary steeps at Jackson Hole Ski Resort are less daunting.
As we practiced steep turns, getting closer and closer to halving the minimum practical test tolerances, the question came up: Besides demonstration of a "circus trick" in order to earn his commercial certificate, what is the purpose of performing steep turns?
Steep turns teach a great deal more than just how to make a level, 360- or 720-degree circuit.
So let's look at the real-world lessons of a steep turn.
Steep bank angles have a profound effect on stalling speed.
Enter a steep turn and that same airplane will stall at about 61 knots in a 45-degree bank, and 71 KIAS in a 60-degree bank.
Fly steep turns in both directions and note the amount of back pressure needed to hold altitude in left-hand vs.