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it's/that's a bit steep

1. That's a bit more expensive than expected. Thirty bucks for two movie tickets and an order of popcorn? That's a bit steep, don't you think?
2. That's rather unfair, untrue, or unreasonable. I just think it's a bit steep for her to call me lazy, when she knows I've got a medical condition keeping me from working!
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little steep

 and little pricey
Fig. relatively expensive; costing more than one wants to pay. The food here is a little pricey, but you get a lot of it.
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steep someone in something

Fig. to immerse someone in some kind of knowledge or other experience; to saturate someone with some kind of experience or training. (Fig. on steep something in something.) Her parents steeped her in good literature and music. she steeped herself in the legends of her people.
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steep something in something

to soak something in a liquid. I steeped the shirt in red dye. You have to steep these herbs in steamy hot water for five minutes.
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be a bit/rather ˈsteep

(informal) (of a price or a request) be too much; be unreasonable: €6? That seems a bit steep for a small piece of cheese.It’s a bit steep to expect us to work longer hours for no extra money.
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be ˈsteeped in something

(written) have a lot of a particular quality: This is a city steeped in history.
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steep in

To expose someone or something to something else in order to imbue some quality: The teacher steeped the students in classic literature. The university is steeped in tradition.
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mod. [of a price] high; expensive. Their prices are pretty steep, but their goods are of high quality.
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To correct a flat fit: use a steeper BOZR to improve centration; increase the TD to stabilise the lens, use tighter peripheral curves, and use a thinner lens to reduce mobility.
The steeper slope was good news on the recession front, however.
The Perfect Steeper boasts unique features, including a double-walled chamber made of high-tempered glass which makes the product easy to handle even when filled with hot water.
reported a 3 percent increase in net income for the second quarter but said higher materials and labor costs as well as steeper write-downs will contribute to lower earnings for the full year.
It's not as well-known as Costa Rica, where prices have gotten steeper, and it's safer than in years past.
Here are suggestions for ways to make the "roller" have more stored and motion energy: 1) Make the ramp steeper, That way, the container will start with more stored energy and roll farther.
These will include tests, in cooperation with air traffic controllers, that will look at a steeper landing approach with conventional aircraft, tests that could be launched as early as next year.
Designed to impart more spin for greater control, the face features more surface texture, while the grooves boast a steeper draft angle and a tighter edge radius for added friction in grassy or wet lies.
But the curb was steeper than I thought, and I fell into a dirty puddle.
Although the approval process is steeper (a two-thirds vote in both chambers of Congress, plus 38 states' approval), it improves the chances of a new law surviving an all-but-certain constitutional challenge by line-item opponents.
Some spots have seen even steeper rises: Average annual temperatures along the northern coast of Alaska have risen a full 2[degrees]C since 1973, Walsh notes.
Bush's principal pollster, Jan van Lohuizen, and his focus-group guru, Fred Steeper, are the best-kept secrets in Washington.
France and Belgium lead the field in flouting European laws, and then our own government often makes the playing field steeper by over-zealous application of such laws.
If you were graphing both ratios side-by-side," he said, "you wouldn't mind seeing your MH/ton wiggling up if the $/MH line was ascending at a steeper rate.
Depending on local topography in your region, hiking trails often include steeper hills than local roads.