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The Steep 'N Time's proprietary features enable it to insure that loose tea is properly steeped and timed.
With its integrated timer, the Automatic Teapot ensures a pristine pot of tea by removing the tea leaves from water when they are steeped to perfection.
Easily missed on a main thoroughfare teeming with tourists, Galleria Continua might seem emblematic of a country too steeped in its impressive past to cultivate an internationally relevant contemporary art scene.
Add the sheriff's wife's own strange moods and requests and you have a plot steeped in possibilities.
Strain steeped tea through a fine-mesh strainer and add to pineapple liquid.
Both the properly steeped and ready-to-drink 710EGCG "inabottle" and the 710EGCG loose-leaf green teas are organically grown, carefully produced, laboratory tested and guaranteed to meet the NCI de facto standard.
We have to use people steeped in the language,'' she said.
As Director of R&D and CTO, Stoffel has helped guide a transformation of the R&D portfolio from one steeped in traditional silver halide technology to one steeped in digital systems technologies.
Infusion: Tea made from hot water poured over an herb and steeped.
In Mexico and Latin America, el panteon, as a cemetery is called, might be considered by proper Bostonians to be steeped in paganism.