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With or having a fierce intensity in one's expression. The teacher fixed a steely-eyed gaze upon me when I started joking around during class. I could feel my ex-girlfriend staring at me, steely-eyed, from across the bar.


Calm and unflappable under pressure. I asked my brother to come to court with me because he is always steely-nerved in stressful situations. Gina needs to be steely-nerved to deal with all that rejection that comes with being an actress.

steely gaze

Cliché an intense, staring gaze. The principal turned a steely gaze toward the frightened student and suddenly smiled.
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Steely Dan inveigled themselves onto the soundtrack of the '70s with radio hits such as "Reeling In The Years," "Rikki Don't Lose That Number," "Peg," and "Hey Nineteen," culled from their seven platinum albums issued between 1972 and 1980 (including 1977's groundbreaking "Aja").
The Steely Eye Multichannel platform is already in use in sectors such as hospitality, health insurance, eCommerce and newspaper publishing and available now for integration with existing systems, or as a standalone CMS solution.
But Wilson - nicknamed the Butterscotch Stallion - said: "I have never heard Cousin Dupree and I don't even know who this gentleman, Mr Steely Dan, is.
And it took just months for the smooth sound of Steely Dan to be transported to the appreciative ears of the flare and tank top- attired British public.
Anyway, he was talkin' about how Steely Dan guitarist Denny Dias was hot.
Of all the dross that the spectacles of the '70s wrought (yes, we've been there), Steely Dan shone with soulful, tuneful, guitar-driven rock.
FranNet, a franchise owned by Mike Steely, aims to pair its clients with a franchise right for them--one that not only meets their needs but their objectives and goals.
VETERAN rockers U2 and Steely Dan stole some of the Grammy thunder from rap artist Eminem, whose angry lyrics entangled the ceremony in controversy.
Honoring: James Gibson, a logger with the Huntsville, Texas-based Steely Lumber Company, with STIHL's National Forestry Heroism Award.
It features his steely baritone as the signature through the years, and several of its songs bear the boom-chicka-boom cadence that is so known in the industry that it is simply called the Johnny Cash backbeat.
Then with a chorus of caws, the crows leapt from their perches, wheeled in the steely air and flew away.
According to Skip Steely, quality assurance manager, inspection was laborious, and training CMM operators was difficult.
You expect them to emit a steely sea-like crashing roar, and indeed in certain weather conditions they do creak and groan.
These 25 professionals, many of whom are managing directors at some of Wall Street's most prestigious firms, represent the triumph of educational preparation, hard work and the steely nerves necessary to compete on The Street.
But the day when a robot's steely grip softens enough to handle mundane but delicate tasks like picking up a coffee-filled Styrofoam cup or juggling a raw egg still seems far away.