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With or having a fierce intensity in one's expression. The teacher fixed a steely-eyed gaze upon me when I started joking around during class. I could feel my ex-girlfriend staring at me, steely-eyed, from across the bar.


Calm and unflappable under pressure. I asked my brother to come to court with me because he is always steely-nerved in stressful situations. Gina needs to be steely-nerved to deal with all that rejection that comes with being an actress.

steely gaze

Cliché an intense, staring gaze. The principal turned a steely gaze toward the frightened student and suddenly smiled.
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And there was a steeliness to his celebrations that showed he knew how significant this victory was.
The film rests heavily on the shoulders of newcomers Gilman and Hayward and both young actors are magnificent, capturing the vulnerability, steeliness and sweet affection of their runaways.
Moonrise Kingdom rests heavily on the shoulders of newcomers Gilman and Hayward who are magnificent, capturing their characters' vulnerability, steeliness and affection.
In doing so, we discover that sometimes those who appeared strong are actually weak and sometimes those who appeared to be insignificant have an inner steeliness which helps them through ordeals.
It was an electrifying performance, revealing the steeliness and vulnerability of a young woman who inherited a country silently at war with itself.
Sandra Bullock tempers her usual perkiness with an air of sadness and desperation while Keanu Reeves brings steeliness to his prodigal son.
The title heroine, played with steely, um, steeliness by M.
Denis has never held back in pushing the envelope throughout her career -- from the ice-cold steeliness of "I Can't Sleep" to the flirtatiously homoerotic "Good Work.
Mr Kennedy died nearly a year ago at the age of just 55 but Mr Breeden finished the portrait, which he hopes conveys both the humanity and the steeliness of this ardent opponent of the Iraq war.
It's hard to put a finger on it but there's more of a steeliness.
Hammett could not have been more polite and willing to talk when contacted in his homeland, but there was a steeliness in his voice as he talked about his plans to make an impact on the regional game at the Arms Park, and potentially help Gatland and Wales too.
Will Packwood, defender "In the hours after the incident when he broke his leg, you could see in the hospital his steeliness and his desire to want to get back.
Colombian Falla had to fight through three qualifiers and has shown an impressive steeliness for a player not exactly used to the latter stages of big tournaments.
We've lost some of that steeliness that we built up over time.
There is no doubt that the players we have brought in have brought steeliness to our play.