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With or having a fierce intensity in one's expression. The teacher fixed a steely-eyed gaze upon me when I started joking around during class. I could feel my ex-girlfriend staring at me, steely-eyed, from across the bar.


Calm and unflappable under pressure. I asked my brother to come to court with me because he is always steely-nerved in stressful situations. Gina needs to be steely-nerved to deal with all that rejection that comes with being an actress.

steely gaze

Cliché an intense, staring gaze. The principal turned a steely gaze toward the frightened student and suddenly smiled.
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In tone and temper, the discourse ranges from somber to acid to outraged, with the exploiters and manipulators, the bottom-line watchers and profit-takers, the diplomats and politicians, inspiring the steeliest anger.
As a player Aldridge came up the hard way and of all the young bosses around he has the steeliest eye.
Bowls players are some of the steeliest characters in sport and don't get put off by a little bit of snow - they battle on bravely.
The whole film is a tour-de-force of direction and editing, boasting a number of exquisitely intense sequences, which are guaranteed to shred even the steeliest of nerves.
Just two words and seven letters to strike fear into the hearts of even the steeliest of men.
The 18 certificate is well deserved ( a number of expertly edited action sequences in 28 Weeks Later are exquisitely intense, shredding even the steeliest nerves as the dreaded rage virus returns to mainland Britain with a vengeance.
Get set for a new bout of the gruelling endurance test that will drain the physical and mental strength of competitors, chip away at even the steeliest emotional resolve and plunge even the normally well balanced participants into a tearful emotional hell of degradation and despair.
The Gloag Stare is legendary in the City, known to send shivers down the steeliest of pinstriped spines.
The "Gloag Stare", as it is known in the City, sent shivers down the steeliest of pinstriped spines.