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With or having a fierce intensity in one's expression. The teacher fixed a steely-eyed gaze upon me when I started joking around during class. I could feel my ex-girlfriend staring at me, steely-eyed, from across the bar.


Calm and unflappable under pressure. I asked my brother to come to court with me because he is always steely-nerved in stressful situations. Gina needs to be steely-nerved to deal with all that rejection that comes with being an actress.

steely gaze

Cliché an intense, staring gaze. The principal turned a steely gaze toward the frightened student and suddenly smiled.
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But this Henman has a steelier edge and nerve and battled his way through that final tie-break, the eventual triumph coming with the bravest of second serves which Philippoussis could only push wide.
It has also been predicted, as he flies to these shores today, that the events of last year will only make his resolve steelier -a fact not lost on three-times Open champion Nick Faldo.
Middlesex, who are determined to show a steelier side to their game after the traumas of last season, made an early breakthrough against Gloucestershire at Bristol.
Tractor Boys manager Mick McCarthy certainly thought so, suggesting that his side were actually slightly grateful for a point after seeing his side carved open regularly by a Town side who now possess a far steelier core.
sBut Lennon has always maintained himen are made of steelier stuff than theyare given credit for.
But he showed a steelier side in holding off Fu, 33, in a match watched by an estimated 100million on TV back home in China.
There is even more motivation forWales to show their steelier side this evening after they let a 22-9 lead slip against South Africa last week to lose 29-25.
If Beattie was credited with keeping Swansea's goal intact, the striker back in his own six-yard box to clear Marcel Seip's 74th-minute header, de Vries had no hesitation in naming the man behind the team's steelier edge.
Even if they had, Albion have shown a steelier side to their character in recent weeks, which has allowed their more attack-minded players to play with even more abandon.
And underneath Jones' warm Carmarthen persona there lurks a steelier core.
Rather, it takes strength from adversity and the more it looked like France must penetrate the steelier was the resolve in the English defence where Garath Archer and Phil Greening were exemplary.
Ms Harman, who is steelier and tougher than she comes across on TV or at the Commons despatch box, says the new party leader will be handed an "unprecedented" opportunity to get back into government.
Verdasco has youth on his side - he is 28 while Ferrer is 30 - and seems a steelier performer than his compatriot, if you excuse his torrid 0-11 win-loss record against Nadal.
They will have a lot of bodies back and I'm sure they will be a lot steelier opposition.
STAN TERNENT says Townmust find a steelier edge fast after Hartlepool's late goal blitz condemned his side to a 5-3 Victoria Park defeat which left them 16th in League I ahead of Saturday's trip to Peterborough.