steel against

steel (someone or oneself) against (someone or something)

To cause someone or oneself to be mentally and emotionally prepared, obdurate, and unyielding in the face of some difficult or unpleasant person, task, situation, outcome, etc. The future may look grim, but we must steel ourselves against the challenges ahead. Our people have long been steeled against would be tyrants like you! I know I'm tough on you, but I'm trying to steel you against life's many difficulties and disappointments.
See also: steel

steel someone against someone or something

to fortify someone against someone or something; to prepare someone to endure someone or something. I tried to steel Liz against Carl, who was bringing her some very bad news. We steeled her against the bad news.
See also: steel
References in classic literature ?
Just as they reached it there came from the interior a confusion of the most appalling sounds--the clash of weapons, steel against steel, sharp explosions as of firearms, shrieks of women, groans and the curses of men in combat
Twas steel against wood, and they made a terrible clattering when they came together.
Did you not see how futile is your steel against thin air
He shoved, and shoved hard, till the grating of the steel against the locked teeth could be distinctly heard.
Round went the busily revolving machinery, kept in motion by the scissor-grinder's foot, and wore away the hard steel against the hard stone, whence issued an intense and spiteful prolongation of a hiss as fierce as those emitted by Satan and his compeers in Pandemonium, though squeezed into smaller compass.
John Ketland crashes over for Shotton Steel against Wrexham SHOTTON Steel booked their place in the final four of the Intermediate Cup with a convincing 25-5 success at Wrexham in difficult conditions.
His passing was risk-aversive, though, and silk is needed more than steel against reticent relegation fodder like Huddersfield.
Tenders are invited for Provn renewal replacement of furniture steel against surveyed off furniture under ge dehu road
Under the scheme, called Operation Temperer, troops will guard key targets alongside armed police, providing a ring of steel against further attacks while counter-terror detectives and MI5 officers search out suspects.
P-20 is the first choice in most cases when using plastics without abrasive additives, but as I mentioned earlier, unless it's for very low-volume use, you will need to protect the steel against erosion with a coating or surface hardening.
Throughout this, young Palestinians go on throwing stones against bullets or brandish cold steel against automatic rifles, as the world looks the other way.
Delegates were provided with the opportunity to learn about the galvanizing process from start to finish, including the preparation work required before treatment takes place, as well as an overview of its overall life cost and effectiveness in protecting steel against corrosion.
It's the most complex of Serra's seven 'plate and pole' works, elaborating his abiding concerns of weight, mass, and space by leaning components of hot-rolled steel against one another in a delicate yet monumental play of balanced forces.
This implies that the copolymer PAOA5 coating provides effective protection to mild steel against corrosion in aqueous 3% NaCl as compared to that of the corresponding homopolymers.