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steaming (mad)

Fig. very angry; very mad; very upset. The steaming coach yelled at the clumsy players. The principal was steaming mad when he found that his office had been vandalized.
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It is likely that the increased softening as a result of pressure steaming conditions is enhancing stress relief, which couples with the top weighting of stacks to reduce twist.
The question has been raised as to whether the twist reduction from pressure steaming is permanent, or whether the wood has a "memory" such that in subsequent exposure to moisture change the twist properties of pressure-steamed material become similar to those of wood steamed at the normal 100[degrees]C In this technical note, we present the results of a study on the effect of final pressure steaming at 150[degrees]C, on both twist after drying and after subsequent humidity cycling.
Lyness says that she had always done her steaming the old-fashioned way, in bamboo steamers and other nonmechanical devices.
Oily fish are buttery and mild-flavored after steaming.
Poor fill, improperly designed vents or partially plugged vents are three factors that could affect part density or steaming.
Hot Shower - As a substitute for a steaming iron, hang the veil in the bathroom and run a hot shower to fill the room with steam, again using your fingers to "comb" the fabric straight down.
The company has recently completed construction of its TM-96-10 Portable Steam Generator for use in a pilot steaming program in Kern County, Calif.
The tap, valve and meter will be installed shortly and are expected in time for steaming to be initiated.
State Energy, a California-based company with a working interest in several prime oil sites, has identified wells on the Edison Oil Field that are ideally suited for secondary steaming efforts.
Southwest along with USCR is currently negotiating with several California operators who have heavy oil leases and expect to have this unit in the field steaming this year.
The Joint Venture Company has completed its initial engineering study and intends to begin drilling its first 8 oil wells by the third quarter of 2000 and begins cyclic steaming injection.
This process eliminates thermal energy losses normally associated with surface steaming to these depths.
Once communication occurred, steaming was terminated in the producer well.
TSE: BVI) today announced that steaming of a portion of its bitumen deposit at Cold Lake, Alberta is proceeding as planned.