steam off

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steam something off (of) something

 and steam something
to loosen and remove something by an application of steam. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Toby steamed the old paper off the wall. Toby steamed off the old wallpaper.
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I'm not talking about what supremo wine critic Robert Parker and his gang deem to be the next superstar, but what floats your boat and has you reaching for the kettle to steam off the label, or is that just me?
You need to be able to get away and let a bit of steam off here and there.
Sure, I cannot write as elegantly, but let me blow some steam off here.
The men's 100m saw three false starts and that would have certainly upset the rhythm and taken away a lot of steam off the finalists, as they stopped only after reaching the half way mark.
He said the new rules will take some steam off the market, especially for property and bank stocks, but it is good news nevertheless when it comes to the long-term market outlook.
Last year we had a debate about running over Christmas and didn't because we thought it would take the steam off him for the Gold Cup, but unfortunately he got injured and couldn't run in it anyway.
Take some steam off by climbing a rock wall from 5:30 p.
com)-- It is time to kick back and let the steam off for High-Frequency Traders after such an eventful April.
Moreover, the professor explained that there are many social and economic pressures that could lead to depression which in turn could drive someone to commit suicide, in addition to unemployment, no free entertainment and blowing the steam off outlets and no attention.
But the large flows, which have taken the steam off a market that has been strong for months, will likely be capped after the state oil giant re-started its hydro-cracking unit following an outage that sparked heavier exports, traders said.
It seemed as though all the bitterness of life was being served onto her plate, and, with the steam off the stew, there came swirling up from the depths of her soul a kind of rancid staleness.
There's something about playing music that lets steam off for me," he added.
The fact that this devastating disease is underreported and almost invisible in the political discourse is another theme that rises from the passages like smelly steam off an urban grate.
We all need to blow a little steam off from time to time and you must allow them to spread their wings.
With large stockpiles of crude and increased output by Opec failing to take the steam off the market, the cost of crude oil hit a new high above $75 a barrel this month.