steam in

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steam in (something)

 and steam into something
[for a vehicle, usually a ship] to enter something under power. (Originally referred to steam engines, but now can be any sort of engine.) The ship steamed into the harbor and headed for the pier. Right on time, the ship steamed in.
See also: steam
References in classic literature ?
I was reminded of it, however, by the sight of the same pair of simple pilgrims at whom we had laughed so heartily when Apollyon puffed smoke and steam into their faces at the commencement of our journey.
This introduces high-pressure, high-temperature steam into the cylinder and provides the expansion force necessary to drive the pistons.
Steam boxes are normally located on the opposite side of the uhle box, allowing the differential pressure to push the steam into the felt.
The steam-cleaning process, known as dynamic underground stripping, involves simply generating steam by using steam boilers and injecting the steam into the ground through pipes.
Direct steam injection humidifiers control the introduction of steam into heating ducts in response to a signal from a humidistat.
By spring 1990, the DWP was sending out requests for proposals to companies interested in turning Coso steam into electricity and then selling up to 150 megawatts to the DWP.
The pilot phase is scheduled to re-commence in approximately 90 days and will include temporarily injecting steam into the recently completed wells.
Classic steam injection techniques inject steam into a gas turbine to lower the combustion temperature, thereby lowering the amount of NOx created as a result of combusting fuel in the engine.