steam in

steam in (something)

 and steam into something
[for a vehicle, usually a ship] to enter something under power. (Originally referred to steam engines, but now can be any sort of engine.) The ship steamed into the harbor and headed for the pier. Right on time, the ship steamed in.
See also: steam
References in classic literature ?
Mr Pancks, being by that time quite ready for a start, got under steam in a moment, and, without any other signal or ceremony, was snorting down the step-ladder and working into Bleeding Heart Yard, before he seemed to be well out of the counting-house.
While the rosy afterglow of sunset still tints the sky, the two pajama-clad cousins run off steam in a grassy play area below the screen.
We haven't finalized the cost or terms of the steam contract - it might be 10 years or longer - so the new owners will consider the cost of the steam in the price of the plant.