steam (someone or something)

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steam (someone or something)

1. To cause someone to become angry. Boy, her email really steams me! How dare she talk to us like that?
2. To use steam to cook something. I just have to finish steaming the veggies, then we can eat. How long do you think it will take for them to steam the dumplings?
3. To use steam to remove something from something else. A: "Do you think this dress will be OK once I steam it?" B: "I don't know, it's pretty wrinkled." You have to steam these seals off if you don't want to damage the paper underneath.
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steamed (up)

1. angry. Now, now, don't get so steamed up! She is really massively steamed.
2. Sl. intoxicated and fighting. He was really steamedand could hardly stand up. By midnight, Larry was too steamed to drive home, and he had to spend the night.
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steaming (mad)

Fig. very angry; very mad; very upset. The steaming coach yelled at the clumsy players. The principal was steaming mad when he found that his office had been vandalized.
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1. tv. to anger someone. The prof steamed the class with the long assignment.
2. in. to be angry. They steamed for a while and then did as they were told.


See also: steam