steam beam

steam (one's) beam

To make one especially annoyed or irate. As a doctor, it really steams my beam when people start lecturing me on the medical benefits of some unproven pseudoscience or another.
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steam someone's beam

Sl. to make someone angry. Being stood up really steams my beam! Come on, don't steam your beam. Remember how hard times are now.
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They even used to have a working massive colliery steam beam type engine, working every day on compressed air.
And for those who want to find out more about mining history, there's the museum at Geevor Tin Mine and the restored steam beam engine at Levant Mine." For details view www.
The original steam beam engine which powered the Stephenson works has been transferred to Beamish Museum in County Durham, along with a lathe believed to have been used by George Stephenson when he worked at Killingworth Colliery.
Exhibits such as James Watts' Steam Beam 'Smethwick' engine and Second World War aircraft including a Spitfire and a Hurricane, proved popular with visitors.