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Old ladies, not accustomed to the river, are always intensely nervous of steam launches.
Smooth-it-away, "for Apollyon is putting on the steam again.
They were the same whom Apollyon and ourselves had persecuted with taunts, and gibes, and scalding steam, at the commencement of our journey--the same whose unworldly aspect and impressive words had stirred my conscience amid the wild revellers of Vanity Fair.
A steam ferry boat, the last improvement on this important route, lay at the river side, puffing, snorting, and emitting all those other disagreeable utterances which betoken the departure to be immediate.
Steam used by food processors falls into three categories:
Among the many highlights will be the re-launch of the beautifully-restored Daniel Adamson steam-powered tug boat, a fully-working steam train that has come to Albert Dock thanks to Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland railway, and a symphonic spectacular of live music, steam and sparks at 3pm on Saturday in Salthouse Dock.
The requirement for steam in industrial applications varies greatly.
This was the conclusive finding from a new Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) paper titled, `Economics of Steam Generation for Thermal EOR'.
There is a growing recognition that plant steam may not be clean enough for some processes.
Aside from what third party sources have to offer, Steam has some built-in features to make your gaming lives convenient.
Steam-Flo previously featured 11, 20 and 25 boiler horsepower steam generators capable of producing 370-845 lb.
The highly anticipated event, in which digital distribution platform Steam offers up massive discounts for thousands of games in their catalog, normally begins at the end of June or beginning of July.
MHI) has signed an agreement with Qingdao Jieneng Steam Turbine Group Co.
Steam cleaner machine technology offers the latest features to help make cleaning car interiors a fast process,” says Daimer Industries, Inc.