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A steam ferry boat, the last improvement on this important route, lay at the river side, puffing, snorting, and emitting all those other disagreeable utterances which betoken the departure to be immediate.
If I may do so, without appearing boastful, I think I can honestly say that our one small boat, during that week, caused more annoyance and delay and aggravation to the steam launches that we came across than all the other craft on the river put together.
Then that launch would give one final shriek of a whistle that would nearly burst the boiler, and she would reverse her engines, and blow off steam, and swing round and get aground; everyone on board of it would rush to the bow and yell at us, and the people on the bank would stand and shout to us, and all the other passing boats would stop and join in, till the whole river for miles up and down was in a state of frantic commotion.
Why, George, bless me, if here isn't a steam launch
Another good way we discovered of irritating the aristocratic type of steam launch, was to mistake them for a beanfeast, and ask them if they were Messrs.
Old ladies, not accustomed to the river, are always intensely nervous of steam launches.
Smith, for I wanted a steam launch, and I have heard good reports of the--Let me see, what is her name?
I want to find the whereabouts of a steam launch called the Aurora, owner Mordecai Smith, black with two red streaks, funnel black with a white band.
Rout to have steam up to-morrow afternoon at one o'clock sharp.
Mr Pancks, being by that time quite ready for a start, got under steam in a moment, and, without any other signal or ceremony, was snorting down the step-ladder and working into Bleeding Heart Yard, before he seemed to be well out of the counting-house.
If you remember, at the time my father's property was sold, there was some thought of your firm buying the Mill; I know you thought it would be a very good investment, especially if steam were applied.
To do a yoni steam, a woman allows the warmth of herbal-infused steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina, or "yoni" as the female system is called in Sanskrit.
The Global Steam Oven Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the steam oven industry.
There is a growing recognition that plant steam may not be clean enough for some processes.
Polti, a leading European producer of small, powerful household steam appliances, is bringing its popular products to the U.