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by stealth

In an undetected way; silently and secretly. The cat burglar entered the office by stealth, and the only evidence he was there was the missing document.
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slang The act of a male removing a condom during sexual intercourse without his partner's knowledge or consent. So-called "stealthing" is sexual assault, period.
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Stealth Group prides itself on delivering innovative cyber security solutions for mid and enterprise sized organizations, while focusing on delivering processes, policy and technology maximization and optimization aligned to existing client business operations.
Such forward-looking statements include those regarding Stealth BioTherapeutics' plans, strategies and expectations for its preclinical and clinical advancement of its drug development programs, including its ongoing clinical trials of elamipretide and planned clinical trial of SBT-272; the potential benefits of Stealth BioTherapeutics' product candidates; its key milestones for 2019 and its plans regarding future data presentations and regulatory interactions.
Stealth is developing proprietary computer vision technologies, a branch of AI that uses machine learning to quickly process and analyse visual data from photos or video.
During 2018, Stealth extended its network by over 10 route miles to service areas in upper Manhattan including UWS, Harlem, Washington Heights as well as the Bronx.
Fabricated from a heavy-duty, RF friendly material, Raycap's STEALTH InvisiWave products are capable of covering and hiding mmWave radios attached to street light poles, on rooftops or other structures, without interfering in radio performance.
Splinter Cell is the king of special agent stealth combat but it's a game that you either love or hate.
Dubbed Hemaseh or Epic, Vahidi said the drone is "a stealth aircraft that cannot be detected by enemies.
The Lijian, which makes China the third country to possess stealth drone capabilities, is now ready for flight testing, China Aviation News said on Friday.
This latest version is somewhat of a radical change for the series with a strong element of hack and slash action mixed in with the trademark stealth approach.
The Ninja Stealth Bike ($19.99), which includes Stealth Ninja Raph, mutates from stealth mode to Ninja Battle deployment.
In the case of the Department of National Defence, it's stealth. We need stealth!
Stealth 8000 is the latest addition to the JSP Stealth range of professional eyewear.
Stealth Cam is bolstering its Facebook fan base by giving away a monthly prize package valued at $500 or more to someone who "likes" the company's page.
Stealth Fighter: A Year in the Life of an F-117 Pilot provides the first-person experiences of a pilot who flew the Nighthawk during the NATO bombing campaign over Kosovo in 199, and whose first-person story tells of training, deployment, missions and combats, and the daily life of a pilot operating the world's first stealth fighter.