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Then the first dark night that comes steal the key out of the old man's britches after he goes to bed, and shove off down the river on the raft with Jim, hiding daytimes and running nights, the way me and Jim used to do be- fore.
Well, one thing was dead sure, and that was that Tom Sawyer was in earnest, and was actuly going to help steal that nigger out of slavery.
Gradually their talk died out and drowsiness began to steal upon the eyelids of the little waifs.
They eat up the chicken food, and steal the oats and bran, and make holes in the meal bags.
His mind--such as it was--was fixed on her trying to steal, and he credited her at once with making use of this new opportunity.
Then how,' said the old man, looking fearfully round, 'how can you bear to think that we are safe, when they are searching for me everywhere, and may come here, and steal upon us, even while we're talking?
Dec 19 - Burglar smashes glass in garage window and steals hand tools and motorcycle helmet.
New Domain Makes it Easier Than Ever to Identify Where to Find Steals (Not Just Deals) on the Web for Babies, Kids, and Women
It isn't likely that thieves who steals aluminum siding will shop regionally for the best price.
Beaver Steals Fire: A Salish Coyote Story is a picturebook rendition of a story directly from the cultural tradition of the Salish people of Montana.
Scott Podsednik, who finished second in the league with 59 steals behind Chone Figgins, was thrown out on a pitchout called from the bench by Scioscia in the fifth inning.
The businessperson signs in as a dayuse guest, and, during that time, someone steals a credit card from the person's wallet.
We will use every means at our disposal to catch anyone who steals anything from this building or the people who live here.
June 7 - Burglar smashes rear window with glass hammer, enters and steals handbag, car keys, and VW Golf.
Fears, who will play at UC Santa Barbara, averaged 16 points, four rebounds, three steals and 3.