steal over

steal over (someone or something)

1. To cover or move across someone or something slowly and gradually. Dark, ominous clouds stole over us, threatening to drench our picnic with rain. A shadow stole over the city as the giant spaceship blotted out the sun.
2. Of a state or condition, to engulf, envelop, or consume someone or something. Chaos stole over the entire country following the collapse of the monarchy. Gut-wrenching despair stole over us as we realized we were all going to lose our jobs.
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steal over someone or something

1. [for a covering of some sort] to move slowly over someone or something. (As with the sun or the shade of a cloud.) The shade stole over the sunbathers and ended their day. Darkness stole over the land.
2. [for a feeling] to spread through someone gradually. A feeling of gloom stole over the crowd. A sense of high excitement stole over the boys as they waited.
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