steal off

steal off (someone or something)

To take (money or property) from someone, some group, some institution, etc., illegally or without their knowledge or consent. A noun or pronoun can be used between "steal" and "from" to specify what is being stolen. People who sign onto social welfare when they don't really need it are just stealing off the government. After they caught their youngest son stealing money off them to pay for drugs, they had him shipped off to boarding school. A group of bandits has been stealing supplies off travelers that pass through the region.
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steal something off someone

to rob something from someone. I think that guy who walked past me stole my wallet off me! Max stole a lot of money off tourists last season.
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References in classic literature ?
A fox, startled from his sleep by her light footstep on the leaves, looked inquisitively at Pearl, as doubting whether it were better to steal off, or renew his nap on the same spot.
You steal off to America, thinking I am in England, and behave like this.
Chris Standhardinger chipped in 18 points, six rebounds, one block, and one steal off the bench.
Joaquin Garcia added 13 points, one rebound, one assist, and one steal off the bench.
Ildefonso redeemed his missed free throw with a steal off an FEU inbounds pass and found a wide open Clemente, who knocked down a triple for a huge 81-77 lead.
He redeemed his missed free throw with a steal off an FEU inbound then found a wide-open Clemente, who knocked down a triple for an 81-77 Bulldogs lead.
Villanueva, an undersized frontliner, came away with 18 points and 10 boards aside from a steal off Ryusei Koga in the dying seconds that helped seal the victory.
Ricky, 79, said: "You can't steal off babies because that would be unacceptable, so what they're doing is stealing off the pensioners and it's ridiculous."
A court was told the 36-year-old's mum suspected she might steal off her, so hid the jewellery in her Northumberland home.
He ploughed all the money he could into the bandits, from part time jobs he was holding down and started to steal off his dad to feed his addiction.
They virtually sealed the win with roughly five minutes to play in the match when they made a key steal off a poor Bahraini attack, scoring on the fast break for a 28-22 lead.
I see these people as an easy target for the police with over sensitive noses, much easier than sorting out teenagers who beat up pensioners and thugs who steal off women in broad daylight.
"I just can't believe that there are people out there that can steal off any graves, let alone a baby's."