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Though players would cumulatively steal even more bases and hit more home runs in subsequent decades, the style of play adopted during the 1960s, emphasizing both facets, was the closest approximation to date of baseball as it has been played in more recent decades.
A convicted thief advised that if the health club had those small valuables lockers near the front desk, his group did not even try to steal any credit cards from the locker room.
It's scary to learn how easy it is for someone to obtain our personal information or to steal our identities, and the book is a serious warning to all unsuspecting, trusting souls.
Before Julie's apprehension, two other employees were waiting to see what their employer would do about these thefts, their reasoning being that if another employee could steal and get away with it, so could they.
In the early years everyone was expected to steal, depending on the game situation.
An officer may ask, "Why would someone want to steal a tree?
The solution to the problem of internal theft, resident abuse and poor employee attitude and performance seems clear enough: simply don't hire people who lie, steal, use drugs or abuse residents.
HONLEY: Tuesday July 14 Burglars remove board on window, enter and steal cash from Keith Drake Ltd.
Sometimes employees who steal will betray themselves by their eagerness to scuttle the investigation.
Saturday July 18 A shed door was forced open and an attempt was made to steal a motorcycle MILNSBRIDGE: Sunday July 12 A pedal cycle was stolen.