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hold (someone) in good stead

Especially of a talent, ability, or experience, to prove particularly useful or beneficial to someone in the future. Janet is hoping her internship working in IT will hold her in good stead when she looks for a job after college.
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in (someone's or something's) stead

As the representative of someone or something; in place of someone or something. (Typically used in slightly more formal language.) The boss isn't here at the moment, but I'd be happy to sign for the package in her stead. My horse was stolen, so I am forced to ride this donkey in its stead.
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stand someone in good stead

[for something] to be of great use and benefit to someone. I know that my large vocabulary will always stand me in good stead at college. Any experience you can get in dealing with the public will stand you in good stead no matter what line of work you go into.
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in someone's shoes

Also, in someone else's shoes; in someone's place or stead . Acting for another person or experiencing something as another person might; in another's position or situation. For example, If you were in my shoes, would you ask the new secretary for a date? or In your shoes I wouldn't accept the offer, or Can you go to the theater in my place? or He was speaking in her stead. The idioms alluding to shoes, with their image of stepping into someone's shoes, date from about 1700 and are generally used in a conditional clause beginning with if. Stead, dating from the 1300s, and place, from the 1500s, are used more loosely. Also see fill someone's shoes; put someone in his or her place; take someone's place.
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instead of

Also, in lieu of; in place of; in someone's stead. In substitution for, rather than. For example, She wore a dress instead of slacks, or They had a soprano in lieu of a tenor, or In place of soft drinks they served fruit juice, or The chairman spoke in her stead. Instead of dates from about 1200; in lieu of, which borrows lieu, meaning "place," from French, dates from the late 1200s; in place of dates from the 1500s; and in someone's stead from the 1200s. Also see under in someone's shoes.
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stand in good stead

Be extremely useful, as in That umbrella stood me in good stead on our trip; it rained every day. [c. 1300]
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in someone's shoes

COMMON If you talk about being in someone's shoes, you are describing how you would feel or act if you were in the same situation as them. Stop and think how you would feel if you were in his shoes. If I were in her shoes, I'd probably want an explanation. If you were in his shoes what would you do? Note: You can also say that you wouldn't like to be in someone's shoes, meaning that you would not like to be in the same situation as them. I wouldn't like to be in Bryce's shoes when Kathy finds out what he's done.
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stand someone in good stead

(of something learned or acquired) be advantageous or useful to someone over time or in the future.
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in somebody’s/something’s ˈstead

(formal) instead of somebody/something: Foxton was dismissed and John Smith was appointed in his stead.
See also: stead

stand somebody in good ˈstead

be useful to somebody: Learning German will stand her in good stead when she goes to work in the export department.
See also: good, somebody, stand, stead
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Alison and John, 59, moved from a large property in Kirkcaldy to the house at Parkhill Steadings, near Newburgh, Fife, created by niche builder Unicorn Property Group.
Mill Farm Granary in Rothley, Morpeth, forms part of a traditional farm steading the once adjoined a mill.
I knew it was my farm steading, but I could do nothing about it and by the time I jumped in the car and got there everything was completely destroyed," he said.
The earl - known to pals as Mikey - has written to Angus Council, telling them the old steading and cottage on the Glamis Estate are "regrettably beyond repair for farming purposes".
Simon Robson and Andrew Dinsley have taken over as site manager and assistant site manager at the mature Castle Beck development, while Andy Heale is in charge of building at the newer Steading Court scheme.
The house, which has around two acres of land, a decked sun terrace, garages and stabling, forms part of a farm steading.
Buyers reserving a home before the May 31, 2009, will not only benefit from price reductions at Cruden Homes' Croft Field and West Clifton Steading developments - situated in Denholm in the Borders and near Ratho in Edinburgh - but can also take advantage of a range of specially designed plot specific deals, including additional incentives such as stamp duty paid, cashback or furniture packages.
Marshall was given planning permission to convert his farm steading in South Auchinleck, Aberdeenshire, into six homes but decided to build three more as a 'service to society'.
Situated near the village of Dunning in Perthshire, Wellhill Steading features three stunning properties in a beautiful rural setting.
But we located her cries the following morning from beneath the steading, which is about six feet below the surface.
The property forms part of Middle Lipwood Farm Steading, which was converted about eight years ago, and provides attractive three-bedroom accommodation in spacious gardens, close to the village of Haydon Bridge.
Despite their lack of experience, first-time developers Grant and Helen decided to convert an old local steading into three very unique properties.
Planning permission for conversion into homes was granted for Cresswell Farm Steading in 2001, but development did not take place and the permission has now lapsed.
Andy Wilson, 70, who owns the farm steading next to Anne's home in Burn house, claimed last night she had driven many people out of the village.
The property within Hetton Hall Steading, near Chatton, features a dining hall, breakfasting kitchen with modern units and range style cooker, bedroom and bathroom.