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Stead pounced from Jorge Grant's superb low cross to equalise Luciano Narsingh's stinging right-foot drive.
Newcastle Crown Court heard Mr Stead had been in a relationship with Leanne Mould for several years and they had a young child.
Lindley added a further 18 points to the Woodfield Park margin after beating Stead in set six.
Stead said the Board of Supervisors will eventually work to permanently fill the solid waste director vacancy.
Tragically, WT Stead was considered to be one of the most famous British people to be lost on the Titanic.
Relying on personal contacts, Stead offered news to astound or outrage audiences, priming them for civic engagement albeit in very specific cases.
In July 1885 Stead served two months of a three-month sentence for abduction.
STEAD THE SAVIOUR: Bristol City's Jon Stead shows his delight after his late winner
A footnote Stead, 62, added reads: "This is exactly what will take place if liners are sent to sea short of boats.
If the alleged activities of some News of the World reporters acted as a catalyst for the Leveson inquiry, much of the former newspaper's raison d'etre stemmed from Stead.
Bizarrely, officers were directed there by Stead himself, the court was told.
The company asked Stead, the executive chairman, to step into the CEO role as well.
Stead, the subject of Grace Eckley's biography, Maiden Tribute, is perhaps one of the most influential, if not productive, of these determined reformers.
Loren Stead, 40, had been pulled over for speeding in the West Roxbury neighbourhood, and officers noticed that he was sweating profusely and breathing heavily.
ROY KEANE accused Crystal Palace players of pressurising referee Paul Taylor into sending off Jonathan Stead.