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But the main thing is that he stays fit and stays hungry for Northern Ireland because if he does, he will cause problems in France.
New Delhi, June 11 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that his government is committed to tackle price rise and inflation, and will ensure that no one stays hungry in the country.
alone at night stays hungry, always hungry, your chest
If Bolt stays hungry and motivated, the sky is the limit.
He's a striker, I'm a striker and I'm not scoring I get angry but he's a hungry player and if he stays hungry he will score.
If Ferdinand stays hungry and sharp, his comfort on the ball should edge his place alongside John Terry and ahead of Sol Campbell.
Lineman Roberto Garcia, who has eight sacks, said the defense ``keeps on edge and stays hungry.
Even with eight Premiership titles, five FA Cups and a Champions League triumph among his record trophy haul, he stays hungry.