stay off (of) (something)

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stay off (of) (something)

1. To remain physically off or away from something. You have to stay off the grass while the weed killer is being applied. If he had stayed off of my property, I wouldn't have opened fire on him like the sign outside warns will happen! I told you to stay off!
2. To forbear from using or indulging in some illicit or unhealthy substance. I'm staying off all chocolates and candies until my wedding day. They promised to help pay for his rent as long as he stayed off of drugs.
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stay off (something)

to keep off of something. Please stay off my lawn! stay off!
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stay off

1. To remain away from some surface or region: Stay off the grass! The spectators must stay off of the playing field.
2. To refrain from indulging in something unhealthy, such as food or drugs: I'm trying to stay off fatty foods.
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In addition to these approaches, staying off the affected leg and wearing a supportive brace may help immobilize the ankle joint and allow the damaged tissues to heal.
Rachael's ambitions are a little less lofty but she hopes she can raise up to PS1,000 by staying off the booze for the whole 39 weeks of the season.
We have become a mass of softies, staying off work or school for the least excuse.
Tobacco expert Prof Robert West, of University College London, said: "Contrary to popular scepticism of New Year's resolutions, smokers who quit in January tended to be more successful at staying off cigarettes."
Tumivut is unique among Toronto shelters because it provides a safe and secure home for youth for up to 18 months, while also offering skills crucial to staying off the street.
The Sunday school of West Point Church, Dunblane, P.E.I., divided its offering this year in order to donate to the Off-Island Medical Treatment Fund, a charity that supports families staying off the Island with loved ones receiving medical treatment unavailable in the province.
The candidates will spend the year giving poor people plenty of advice--about staying off welfare, finding a job, and raising their kids.
Charlotte, 21, dubbed the Voice of an Angel when she first came to fame, sparked speculation that she was pregnant last week when she was seen staying off the booze at her own birthday party.
The stars are staying off alcohol for the build up to the San Diego show next Monday night as part of their preparations for the gig.
"We want to show teams we are in a false position and if we can achieve our aim of staying off the bottom then we might gain some grudging respect."
MAKE no bones about it, Prince William's attendance at the Press Complaints Commission's 10th anniversary bash tonight to "thank" the press for staying off his back during his time at Eton is a smokescreen.
Now try getting odds on me staying off the booze for a year." Earlier, the former Manchester United striker stayed away from the Belfast funeral of his six-year-old niece Ashleigh Campbell, who had spina bifida.