stay at (something or some place)

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stay at (something or some place)

1. To remain at some location. Please stay at the train station—I'll come pick you up. Tom's going to stay at the London office and make sure everything keeps running smoothly there.
2. To reside temporarily in some accommodation or lodging. I hate staying at these dingy motels, but it's all I can afford at the moment. They're staying at my sister's apartment while they're in town.
3. To continue trying to do or achieve something, especially after initial failures or setbacks. Often used an imperative, especially in the phrase "stay at it." If you really want to become a comic book artist, you have to stay at it! You can't just give up after your first rejection. I'm really motivated to stay at the writing now that I've had a bit of positive feedback.
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stay at something

to keep working at something. You should stay at something until you finish it. she couldn't seem to stay at her place of work for a whole day.
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stay at some place

1. to remain at a place. Have you ever tried to make a cat stay at one place? Please stay at home until I call you.
2. to live at a place temporarily. I am staying at the Statler Hotel. At what hotel are you staying while you are in town?
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References in classic literature ?
On arriving in Petersburg, Vronsky and Anna stayed at one of the best hotels; Vronsky apart in a lower story, Anna above with her child, its nurse, and her maid, in a large suite of four rooms.
But wouldn't it be 2018 now r g t g the wouldn't t hi lf it th fitt great if he got himself into the fittest e great if on he's been in for a while, conditioconditio t M h t Uitd d stayed at Manchester United er and yed l t h?F stayed at one last push?
We stayed at one of its hotels as a late booking and the reps were the worst of the lot.
Perhaps Brad and his lover, admittedly hungover from too much pride partying, stayed at one too many circuit parties too long?
A total of 40 percent of Fortune 100 CEOs have stayed at one company their entire career, but just 28 percent of Fortune 101-200 CEOs and 32 percent of Fortune 501-600 CEOs.
This loyalty was demonstrated most strongly in two cases, in which females stayed at one site after the resident male moved into an adjacent site that was in plain view of his old territory, writes Warner in the October ANIMAL BEHAVIOR.