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The present paper deals with the 3D behavior of the stayed columns using GMNIA (geometrically and materially nonlinear analysis with imperfections) with respect to dissimilarity of 2D and 3D behavior.
The court had two questions in front of it--first whether it had the power to stay the arbitration at all, and second, whether the arbitration should be stayed. The defendants argued that the court has the authority to enjoin arbitration only when the parties have not entered into a valid and binding arbitration agreement.
They can all be stayed. Nonfinal orders that may be immediately appealed, and, therefore, that may be stayed by the operation of Rule 9.310, include orders that concern
"One family that stayed at our camp was able to find their missing sisters at another Dallas shelter through the Internet.
The number of overnight stays by domestic customers increased by 2%, while overnight stays by foreign customers stayed the same.
Liverpool stayed at the hotel prior to their cup victories against Birmingham, Arsenal and Manchester.
His dam won the Queen's Plate against the colts over a mile and a quarter and she definitely stayed a trip.
I know that if Lisa had stayed home with Emma and I tried to go out and be the traditional breadwinner, the result would have been a disaster.
But soon they were on the move - and have rarely stayed put for long since.
Seventeen percent fewer working women suffered high blood pressure than women who stayed at home.
"It's not only boosted occupancy, but it's displaced normal occupancy that would have stayed closer to the convention," said Manager Paula Power-Spirlet.
Also on offer: free breakfast for two for every day stayed, between October 1, 2006, and March 31, 2007.
(10) A money judgment is automatically stayed once the appellant posts a bond.
Executions on money judgments are stayed during the 10-day period for serving post-trial motions and until determination of such motions.[9] The filing of the notice of appeal does not automatically stay trial proceedings or execution on a final money judgment.