stay within

stay within (something)

To remain inside the perimeter of some area or boundary. Contestants have to stay within their designated areas during the competition. We use an electric fence to make sure the animals stay within our property.
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stay within something

to remain inside something. You will have to stay within the immediate area until things return to normal in the town. Our dog just can't seem to stay within our yard.
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References in classic literature ?
Norris: "would you have her stay within such a fine day as this?
So go not, good master, for I know right well he doth seek to beguile thee, but stay within the greenwood lest we all meet dole and woe."
(I knew your far-famed Areopagus) Sits Justice, and permits not vagrant folk To stay within your borders.
The terrible crowd with which these halls and galleries were filled, so shocked me, that I abridged my stay within the shortest limits, and declined to see that portion of the building in which the refractory and violent were under closer restraint.
We have arranged that one of us is to stay within call of the unhappy pair till we can meet together and arrange about taking action.
He, and all sensible folks, were obliged to stay within doors--the window-shutters and doors were closed the whole day; it looked as if the whole house slept, or there was no one at home.
You learn to stay within yourself and what you have to do to calm yourself down and stay within your game plan."
Talking to media men here he said ?e are elected representatives of people and we have to stay within the people.
'Overall, ang assessment natin sa preparatory activities is that we managed to stay within time frames.
"We need to train ourselves not to look at the big, the bad, the ugly of the horrible things that a hurricane or shooting can do to a human, but rather train ourselves to start and stay within protocols," Karch said.
Grandmaster Jayson Gonzales split the point with India's Kartavya Anadkat to stay within striking distance of top seed Gadir Guseinov of Azerbaijan and India's Anand Saurabh even as Woman GM Janelle Mae Frayna settled for another draw against Biswas Anustoop also of India after three rounds of the 44th Vila De Sitges in Spain yesterday.
Hospital Indemnity Plus pays hospital employees a 20 percent higher benefit for a hospital stay within the employer's health system.
IF life did twist my arm to make me choose, Between my love of words or love for you, A million times these pesky poems would lose, For next to you all else is number two, I'd happily not write another rhyme, And lord knows with that I would have no qualms, I'd mute my mouth until the end of time, If it meant I could stay within your arms, But even if words had have been my choice, By choosing them my hopes would still be quashed, For even though my rhymes would have a voice, The subject of my poems would then be lost, So though these words would be hard to forget, It's you that my heart would always select.
'Outsiders will not be allowed to enter or stay within 400 metres from the counting centres,' he said