stay off

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stay off (of) (something)

1. To remain physically off or away from something. You have to stay off the grass while the weed killer is being applied. If he had stayed off of my property, I wouldn't have opened fire on him like the sign outside warns will happen! I told you to stay off!
2. To forbear from using or indulging in some illicit or unhealthy substance. I'm staying off all chocolates and candies until my wedding day. They promised to help pay for his rent as long as he stayed off of drugs.
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stay off (something)

to keep off of something. Please stay off my lawn! stay off!
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stay off

1. To remain away from some surface or region: Stay off the grass! The spectators must stay off of the playing field.
2. To refrain from indulging in something unhealthy, such as food or drugs: I'm trying to stay off fatty foods.
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"While we understand the excitement around the goal and the celebrations after, fans must stay off the pitch at all times to not endanger any players on the field of play.
Newcastle boss John Carver has urged his players to stay off social media
Demi-Lee said: "I drew a picture of a man and a woman running away from a building site to tell people to stay off them."
KUWAIT, May 11 (KUNA) -- The Kuwait Dive Team, affiliated to the Environmental Voluntary Foundation (EVF), warned sea goers, fishermen, and boats and ships owners on Sunday to stay off Kuwait Bay area due to ongoing constructional work to build Jaber Bridge project.
Disruptive pupils being paid to truant, weak teachers being told to stay off sick and schools bringing in experienced teachers from other establishments are just some of the claims made on the Times Educational Supplement online forum.
She had a mountain of love and support, but in the end she couldn't find the strength to stay off the booze.
NUMEROUS rescues have prompted further warning to ice skaters to stay off frozen ponds.
TASTE CULTURE Restaurant Two tracks from review s The Unthanks' much praised galore latest album .uk/ta ste .uk/culture CAMPA IGN BLOG NORTHUMBERLAND Local news See our new Great North Revolution from around section Northumberland .uk/revolution .uk/northumberland WEATHER Tony Jeffries on meeting Latest VIDEO New fore ca st Eric Pollard and why Chris police Eubank has inspired him dogs in action to stay off the booze .uk/we ather .uk/blo gs .uk/videos
Sheriff's office rescinds request to stay off river
Chief executive Jerry Blackett said: "The decision to close all schools in the region would have meant many employees, particularly mothers, would have been unable to leave children at home alone and had to stay off work.
Now this cock-eyed government want to tax us again so that we will stay off the roads.
Virgin Atlantic Chairman Richard Branson has proposed that aircraft engines stay off until the planes are ready for takeoff to reduce pollution, The New York Times editorial board writes.
"Stay off the front page of The Wall Street Journal," shouts the jacket of this book.
* If you are outdoors--avoid water, stay off high ground, and avoid open spaces.