stay off

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stay off (of) (something)

1. To remain physically off or away from something. You have to stay off the grass while the weed killer is being applied. If he had stayed off of my property, I wouldn't have opened fire on him like the sign outside warns will happen! I told you to stay off!
2. To forbear from using or indulging in some illicit or unhealthy substance. I'm staying off all chocolates and candies until my wedding day. They promised to help pay for his rent as long as he stayed off of drugs.
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stay off (something)

to keep off of something. Please stay off my lawn! stay off!
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stay off

1. To remain away from some surface or region: Stay off the grass! The spectators must stay off of the playing field.
2. To refrain from indulging in something unhealthy, such as food or drugs: I'm trying to stay off fatty foods.
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While we understand the excitement around the goal and the celebrations after, fans must stay off the pitch at all times to not endanger any players on the field of play.
He also reiterated his call to yachts and boats owners to stay off areas and sites of the Bridge project due to absence of navigation lights and signs on marine facilities.
IRISH pop stars Westlife were ordered to stay off the Guinness during their stay at a plush Scottish hotel last week.
Coalition commanders warned Iraqi civilians yesterday to stay off the roads and remain in their homes as US and British warplanes pounded Republican Guard positions ahead of the looming battle for Baghdad.
3 million people fought to stay off the globalization bandwagon and to maintain a century-old welfare system that has kept poverty at the lowest rate in Latin America.
Stay off the streets and sidewalks when the weather is really hot.
It's "stealth" marketing, Sutterfield says, because you need to stay off your competitors' radar screens.
About two-thirds of the children receiving behavioral treatment alone did well enough to stay off medication throughout the study.
Almost twice as many employees today than six years ago say it's okay for people to stay off work and receive workers' comp benefits because they still feel pain, even though their doctor says it is okay to return to work, according to a survey by the Insurance Research Council.
When the library board tries to repurchase them, I'll object and get my local city council to pass a resolution ordering that the books stay off the shelves.
The study shows that if older people cut back on sodium and lose excess weight, they may be able to stay off blood-pressure-lowering drugs," says co-author Paul Whelton of Tulane University in New Orleans.
s call to black and white Americans alike to stay off Alabama buses.
In the dugout between innings, the pitcher should stay off his feet, wear a coat if necessary, towel off, and replace lost fluids.
Eric the Red may have said au revoir to Old Trafford - but he just can't stay off the field.