stay for

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stay for (something)

To remain in some location in order to experience, partake of, or participate in something. Are you going to stay for the after party with the rest of the cast? A: "I'm sorry, I really must be going." B: "Won't you at least stay for dessert?"
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stay for something

to remain in a place to participate in something. Would you please stay for dinner? I am sorry, but we cannot stay for dinner.
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Because this study focused on length of stay for uncomplicated deliveries, deliveries with a high likelihood of having complications (i.e., those greater than the 97.5th percentile for length of stay) were excluded from analysis.([subsections])
The average length of stay for vaginal deliveries increased 29%, from 1.4 days before the law to 1.8 days after the law (Table 1).
The average length of stay for initial stays in a transfer episode is 5.7 days.
The average total charge for the initial stay in transfer episodes is $4,820, which is less than the average charge for all PPS discharges ($6,478) and reflects the shorter length of stay for initial stays.
"This creates further incentive, which tends to speed up the process of moving toward and working on 'stay for duration.' I set the machine to manual so I (and my clients) can use the hand held remote control to dispense treats based on the schedule of reinforcement we have chosen for that session and moment.
Figure 2, above, shows lengths of stay for PacMed, plotted yearly from 1982 through 1986.
But they did stay for several minutes, just as we'd practiced over and over.
Figure 2, page 17, and figure 3, page 18, show average charges and average length of stay for each severity group.