stay clear of

stay clear of (someone or something)

1. To remain physically out of the way of someone or something. Please stay clear of the loading bay doors. You've got to stay clear of the workers while they're laying the cement.
2. To avoid interacting with someone or something. Stay clear of the boss today—he's yelling at everyone he sees. I suggest you say clear of the trains today—there's a strike on, so none of them are on time.
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stay clear of someone or something

to keep one's distance from something, usually something dangerous. Please stay clear of me. I have the flu. stay clear of that machine. It is dangerous.
See also: clear, of, stay
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The Chinese military warned the US to stay clear of Taiwan on Wednesday, vowing to use force, if necessary, to prevent any attempts to split the island from the mainland.
Todd, of Clydebank, pled guilty to the offence and appeared for sentencing earlier this month following a deferral to prove he could stay clear of further trouble.
Welsh Premier ABER v CEFN DRUIDS TONIGHT, 7.30PM KICK OFF By JOHN BRIDGWATER CEFN Druids boss Huw Griffiths knows his side need to quickly rediscover the winning formula as they battle to stay clear of basement danger.
I just try and stay clear of it."I'm just focused on doing my best and the more I stay away from that and focus on my game and myself the better I will be.
A message posted on Highland High School principal's Twitter account urged everyone to stay clear of campus.
Warning signs have been placed at the entrance to the beach notifying the public to stay clear of the area until further notice.
"The leaking gas is highly inflammable persons except emergency service providers are advised to stay clear of the scene," police said in an alert.
Barnes, advises the public not to do business with those mentioned supra, as doing is at a risk It also notes that the affected officials are strongly warned to stay clear of all Youth Wing activities and to not proceed any further under the banner of those positions that they have been suspended from, and that any defiance on their part will receive unspecified consequences that will deeply jeopardize their return to the leadership.
XMAS SAFETY 1 HOUSEHOLDERS have been warned to stay clear of electrical poles when putting up Christmas lights outdoors.
But there was a warning to women to stay clear of the gin bottle.
One attacker was detained following the attack, they added, but warned the public to stay clear of the area in which the attack had taken place.
The Hornets host Liverpool in the relative safety of mid-table, already having reached the 40-point barrier which has traditionally proved enough to stay clear of trouble.
Police warned people to stay clear of the area and a tweet from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service said: "Fire crew from Swalwell and specialist team from Hebburn, dealing with gable end in danger of collapse in Rowlands Gill.
All forms of unmanned aerial vehicles, drones and rotary aircraft that have no clearance from the CAAP are ordered to stay clear of the said areas, read the statement from the AFP Public Affairs Office headed by Col.
Would he urge people to stay clear of Cornwall Street?