stay clear of

stay clear of (someone or something)

1. To remain physically out of the way of someone or something. Please stay clear of the loading bay doors. You've got to stay clear of the workers while they're laying the cement.
2. To avoid interacting with someone or something. Stay clear of the boss today—he's yelling at everyone he sees. I suggest you say clear of the trains today—there's a strike on, so none of them are on time.
See also: clear, of, stay

stay clear of someone or something

to keep one's distance from something, usually something dangerous. Please stay clear of me. I have the flu. stay clear of that machine. It is dangerous.
See also: clear, of, stay
References in periodicals archive ?
The leaking gas is highly inflammable persons except emergency service providers are advised to stay clear of the scene," police said in an alert.
One attacker was detained following the attack, they added, but warned the public to stay clear of the area in which the attack had taken place.
The Hornets host Liverpool in the relative safety of mid-table, already having reached the 40-point barrier which has traditionally proved enough to stay clear of trouble.
Summary: Beggars stay clear of areas in new Dubai, as they prefer to visit the traditional areas of Deira and Bur Dubai
Usually I like to stay clear of politics, but I endorse this proposal.
The findings by the Harrogate District Foundation Trust, provide another reason for people to stay clear of tobacco, say experts.
Please stay clear of downed power lines and always call Ameren Missouri at 1.
The spokesperson also called upon the Jordanian community in Iraq to exercise "utmost caution" and stay clear of potential spots of clashes and places of assembly because of the current conditions.
Rob Collard got away well at the start and were able to stay clear of [euro]e two rear-wheel drive Ebay Motors BMWs of Colin Turkington and Rob Collard got away well at the start and were able to stay clear of the chasers for the whole of Race One.
AFTER chasing a playoff spot a month ago, Hartlepool have now plunged into the bottom half of League Two and may need another win to stay clear of the drop zone.
The unit stores above ground to stay clear of debris, ice and snow.
25 ( ANI ): Google is reportedly adding an unsubscribe button to Gmail to help users stay clear of unwanted promotional messages.
Danny Stewart last night urged Fife Flyers to keep their cool at Sheffield Steelers tonight - and stay clear of the penalty bin.
The Foreign Ministry has also urged Bulgarians to stay clear of the Taksim Square in Istanbul, as well as other dangerous areas of the city between 7 pm and 9 am.
KUWAIT, April 21 (KUNA) -- The Ministry of Defense instructed the public on Sunday to stay clear of the area surrounding Ras-Al-Julaiah, where live-ammunition training will be taking place April 23-24.