stay by

stay by (someone or something)

1. Literally, to remain near or next to someone or something. Make sure you stay by Mom while we're in the airport. We don't want you getting lost! Please stay by your vehicle until emergency services arrive. I've been staying by my phone all day in case the doctor calls with the test results.
2. To remain loyal to, committed to, or supportive of someone or something. I know you and Sarah haven't been getting along recently, but I think you should stay by her for the sake of the kids. I'm staying by my decision to sell the company.
See also: by, stay

stay by someone or something

to remain close to someone or something. Please stay by me until we get through this crowd of rough-looking people. stay by the wall and move along slowly.
See also: by, stay
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The "1990-91 Length of Stay by DRG and Payment Source," series, based on data from the Commission on Professional and Hospital Activities (CPHA) database, shows that for uninsured patients, the average hospital stay for all DRGs was 4.
The data also shows a difference in average length of stay by region.
Length of Stay by DRG and Payment Source" is available from Healthcare Knowledge Resources.
For more information on "Length of Stay by DRG and Payment Source" or other products, contact Healthcare Knowledge Resources toll free at 800-521-6210.
Thus, credit executives must be extremely careful not to violate the automatic stay by effecting contra accounts where credit balances or credits for allowances or reserves may exist.
This is a situation that causes many accidental violations of the automatic stay by business credit grantors as they proceed against guaranties that have joint obligors.