stay at (something or some place)

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stay at (something or some place)

1. To remain at some location. Please stay at the train station—I'll come pick you up. Tom's going to stay at the London office and make sure everything keeps running smoothly there.
2. To reside temporarily in some accommodation or lodging. I hate staying at these dingy motels, but it's all I can afford at the moment. They're staying at my sister's apartment while they're in town.
3. To continue trying to do or achieve something, especially after initial failures or setbacks. Often used an imperative, especially in the phrase "stay at it." If you really want to become a comic book artist, you have to stay at it! You can't just give up after your first rejection. I'm really motivated to stay at the writing now that I've had a bit of positive feedback.
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stay at something

to keep working at something. You should stay at something until you finish it. she couldn't seem to stay at her place of work for a whole day.
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stay at some place

1. to remain at a place. Have you ever tried to make a cat stay at one place? Please stay at home until I call you.
2. to live at a place temporarily. I am staying at the Statler Hotel. At what hotel are you staying while you are in town?
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CJP Nisar further said that change comes with time and one shouldn't stay at one spot for a very long time.
WE are thinking of going to Canada to see Niagara Falls and would like to stay at one of the hotels that overlook them.
Stay at one of Alton Towers fantastically themed resort hotels with the kids' accommodation and scrumptious breakfast for free - plus children will get free access to the crazy tropical waterpark in the resort.
That means you can stay at one of Thistle's hotels across the UK from just pounds 31 per room, per night.
Guests relishing a stay at one of Britain's most haunted castles could soon be staying in a converted coach house, if a North aristocrat's plans are approved.
Stay at one of the many fine hotels that ring Boston Common, a sort of Hyde Park in miniature right in the center of the city, and on your first day treat yourself to an Old Town Trolley Tour which gives a great perspective of the city, taking in Harvard (in the suburb of Cambridge across the Charles River), Charlestown with the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution, and the waterfront area including the Faneuil Hall Marketplace.
It's a far cry from the confines of Albert Square, and ex-EastEnders star Patsy Palmer is enjoying a stay at one of the North East's plushest hotels with her family this week.
Edwards: How do you explain to potential residents and families that "aging in place" doesn't necessarily mean someone will stay at one of your homes until death?
"Also, if you haven't stayed at a B&B, stay at one. You're paying for the stay and you can talk with the owners as consultants to get information." Wilkins also recommends contacting the Small Business Administration (800-8ASK-SBA;, which offers a variety of loans to minorities.
Upson keeps his place in a back four still missing skipper Tony Adams, and Wenger said: "Very few players will stay at one club for that long again, but maybe Matthew is one of them.
So if you get tickets, why not take your caravan or tent and stay at one of two campsites being opened for July and August next year?
And there is no way to price out the enormous "savings" in terms of the peace of mind that residents and their families get, when the resident can stay at one place as long as possible.
If you stay at one of the Jamaica properties, you can use the facilities and activities at all the other venues.