stave off

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stave someone or something off

to hold someone or something off; to defend against the attack of someone or something. (See also stave something off.) The citizen was not able to stave the mugger off. The army staved off the attackers for three hours without letup.
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stave something off

to delay or postpone something unwanted, such as hunger, foreclosure, death, etc. (See also stave someone or something off.) He could stave his thirst off no longer. Despite the enemy sentries, he made a dash for the stream. The lost hiker could not stave off her hunger any longer.
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stave off

Keep or hold away, repel, as in The Federal Reserve Board is determined to stave off inflation. This metaphoric expression transfers beating something off with a staff or stave to nonphysical repulsion. [c. 1600]
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stave off

To keep or hold someone or something off; repel someone or something: I staved the attackers off with my umbrella. Health officials are trying to stave off an outbreak of disease.
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Such a system would not only stave off the political risks from perceived competitive depreciations.
The mayor's allies in Sacramento haven't been able to stave off the opponents, and Villaraigosa is set for a trip to the state's Capitol today.
Their analysis, published in the April 1 Science, suggests that a rapid transition toward using more charcoal and less wood and dung would stave off as many as 2.
Even though both are considered outsiders, Serina and Argus team up to stave off evil, personified as Loki-who has assumed the body of a local power named Ivan.
In today's market, bridge lenders provide the opportunity to obtain funding for an opportunistic acquisition, for an owned property in duress or to stave off foreclosure or bankruptcy with the long-term goal of refinancing with a traditional commercial lender at a later stage.
Under the bill, individual health plans that get into financial trouble--say, by offering overly generous benefits--could stave off cash shortages by rationing care or by borrowing from the state, which would raise the money by taxing financially sound plans within the same regional health alliance.
Music has long been proven to help young children learn and develop, relieve stress in teenagers and young adults, and stave off some aging effects in senior citizens.
But he got out of both innings by striking out Mike Cameron and induced a double-play grounder from Vinny Castilla to stave off more trouble in the second.
Educated brains stave off declines in memory that typically occur as people age, a new brain-imaging investigation suggests.
The current supply of luxury apartments, even with multiple development sites south of 96th Street, remains extremely low and cannot stave off the demand.
SANTA CLARITA - The city's efforts to stave off a massive Soledad Canyon gravel mine will move forward on three fronts in the coming weeks.
The first is a longevity plan to stave off diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke and start to reverse the aging process until scientific advances mature enough to cure and avert such illnesses.
It is likely that there will be further mergers and acquisitions on a global scale over the next few years, to take advantage of these markets and to stave off competition.
Until 2007, it is anticipated that $9 million in reserve funds will have been used to fund programs and stave off budget cuts.