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stave someone or something off

to hold someone or something off; to defend against the attack of someone or something. (See also stave something off.) The citizen was not able to stave the mugger off. The army staved off the attackers for three hours without letup.
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stave something in

to crush something in. (The past tense is usually stove with ships, and otherwise, staved.) The rocks on the reef staved the hull of the ship in. The angry sailor staved in the cask of rum.
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stave something off

to delay or postpone something unwanted, such as hunger, foreclosure, death, etc. (See also stave someone or something off.) He could stave his thirst off no longer. Despite the enemy sentries, he made a dash for the stream. The lost hiker could not stave off her hunger any longer.
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stave off

Keep or hold away, repel, as in The Federal Reserve Board is determined to stave off inflation. This metaphoric expression transfers beating something off with a staff or stave to nonphysical repulsion. [c. 1600]
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stave in

To break or smash a hole in something: The firefighters staved the door in. I staved in the barrel with an axe.
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stave off

To keep or hold someone or something off; repel someone or something: I staved the attackers off with my umbrella. Health officials are trying to stave off an outbreak of disease.
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Independent Stave Company is a family-owned, dynamic, global company, reaching customers in over 40 countries and cooperages around the world.
I would like to suggest that this particular style of creative (and retentive) transformation of the gospel story into Germanic story images and events is the poetic key to the transformation of the church building into the stave church.
Administrator can manage, create and edit all the contents of the portal, manage users and rights, quizzes and musical stave generator and many other modules.
The Gradual portions follow Romero Avila's notation, mensural and on black staves, while the Alleluia portions are in conventional Gregorian notation on red staves.
What's more, Stave reports a deluge of e-mails, calls, and letters from puzzlers not just praising their artistry, but requesting clues or hurling insults about their maddening experience.
Ray Pohlman, a spokesman for AutoZone, an auto-supply store, on the nationwide increase in demand for Locking fuel caps to stave off gas siphoners.
The authors point out that lower extremity injury is often multifaceted and therefore runners must consider strength improvements in all muscle groups to not only stave off injury but to rehabilitate after it.
Newfoundland argued it had to defer the pay adjustments, originally agreed to in 1988, to stave off a money crisis that threatened the province's credit rating.
Variable Privacy Door core choices come in particleboard, stave core, and structural composite lumber.
The Senate voted 49-48 on a measure to end debate on the bill, 11 votes short of the 60 that Frist and the Republican leadership needed to stave off a Democratic filibuster and bring the bill to a vote.
Amid growing speculation that a Leeds takeover is imminent -and a 40% rise in shares yesterday morning -the club released a statement to the Stock Exchange in which they questioned the existence of the funds required but also added they are hoping to stave off the imminent threat of administration.
The international community has appealed for a resumption of peace negotiations (which broke down in mid-May) in an effort to stave off further violence and protect civilians who "have overwhelmingly been the victims.