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Social and political life in India, America and Europe was drastically remade by neoliberal economism in recent decades, under, as the legal scholar David Kennedy has argued, the administration of a professional global class of hidden persuaders and status-seekers.
If we want to learn to imitate Jesus and not the status-seekers, James seems to have the advice we need.
So Liz, I said, if jailed liars like Archer make a mockery of an "honours" system that hands out titles to snivelling status-seekers for financial services rendered or gongs to crimpers for trimming the Prime Ministerial locks, why not do a bit of real ruling?
''I think it is not too early to have a national debate on how we should prepare ourselves in entering the Security Council so that we will not meet such criticism as status-seekers or we are patting one's cheek with banknotes,'' he said.
However, the findings also reveal female entrepreneurs are seldom risk-takers or status-seekers and, in the main, are less likely to develop high-growth businesses.
By the middle of the decade, the ad industry had given up trying to refute Packard and was all but plagiarizing his books in a rush to establish that this whiskey, or that compact vehicle, or this rent-a-car agency was the thing that would finally deliver you from those awful waste-makers, those pyramid-climbers, those status-seekers.
In this study, fashion-seekers and status-seekers were more likely to revolve their accounts, so promotional interest rates or the "60-days, no interest" might be effective.
Although he ostensibly attacked American status-seeking, his criticisms were sufficiently mild that his work became required reading for the most passionate status-seekers. Ardently seeking commercial success, he pretended to ignore the highbrow critics yet never stopped hoping to win their approval.
The allure of Manhattan has always exerted a strong pull on status-seekers. The nightclubs are where the stockbrokers, lawyers, hot journalists, television producers, and advertising executives come to "play." Native New Yorkers are rarely part of the crowd.
No more ignoble lords, no more tinpot titles dished out to sycophantic status-seekers. At least when Lloyd George was Prime Minister he was honest enough in his uniquely dishonest way to put a hard cash price on titles through his fixer, the intriguingly-named Maundy Gregory.