status quo

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the status quo

The condition or state of affairs as it already exists or operates. Despite their myriad promises, politicians are inevitably more interested in maintaining the status quo, which is more profitable for them and their corporate buddies.
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status quo

The existing condition or state of affairs, as in We don't want to admit more singers to the chorus; we like the status quo. This term, Latin for "state in which," has been used in English since the early 1800s.
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the status ˈquo

(from Latin) the situation as it is now, or as it was before a recent change: The conservatives are keen to maintain the status quo.
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It also flatly acknowledges the suboptimal nature of the status quo.
We make a lot of decisions each day, and the status quo trap is just one of the traps we walk through.
In all Status Quo have had 11 different members and 64 British chart hits.
I don't think it can expel the Palestinians and I don't think it can tolerate the continuation of the status quo because ultimately the status quo is an apartheid status quo," he added .
Admission to the track on June 4 will be EUR30, which includes the racing and the Status Quo concert.
Nickelback will perform on February 5, while Status Quo will take the stage on February 6.
The calm on the island is due to the stability which the status quo offered and which served everyone's interests.
To win just send your answer with your name and address to The People Status Quo competition, PO Box 4010, London, E14 5BA.
Donny Osmond was a success, while Status Quo lit up the night with their own brand of music.
Simon Porter, manager of Status Quo, told the Gazette: "I heard through a friend Mr Mallon was a huge Quo fan.
By now, there is a large experimental literature showing some kind of status quo bias.
He knows that, at this point, tossing out the status quo is the only chance for meaningful improvement in a district headed for disaster.
In effect, in mature organizations "the system" becomes a formalized body of rules and regulations implemented to thwart change and protect the status quo.
But the majority of our unions, by their nature, exist to serve the needs of adults rather than those of students, and ultimately work to maintain the status quo of collective bargaining agreements that all too often serve as barriers to innovation, efficiency, and common sense.
Out of the Israeli triumph of 1967 there emerged a status quo that has prevailed with some modifications ever since, and no matter how unsatisfactory, the international system prefers the status quo to change.