status quo

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the status quo

The condition or state of affairs as it already exists or operates. Despite their myriad promises, politicians are inevitably more interested in maintaining the status quo, which is more profitable for them and their corporate buddies.
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status quo

The existing condition or state of affairs, as in We don't want to admit more singers to the chorus; we like the status quo. This term, Latin for "state in which," has been used in English since the early 1800s.
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the status ˈquo

(from Latin) the situation as it is now, or as it was before a recent change: The conservatives are keen to maintain the status quo.
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Many are wittingly or unwittingly working to keep the status quo.
John Coghlan's Quo band live to the sounds of Status Quo.
This tour will truly be the end of an era as Status Quo turn their back on constantly touring their fabled electric live set.
Hypothesis 1 focused on whether support for the STATUS QUO was greatest, and for the other options, whether support for END EARLY was next most preferred.
The status quo may well not be optimal: it doubtless can and should be improved upon.
Miguel Angel Villalonga, CEO, Emitac Enterprise Solutions, said, "EES is pleased to be recognised for the 'The Status Quo breaker' award from Brocade.
Status Quo cancelled six gigs when Rick was taken ill in Pula, Croatia, a week ago.
These two Status Quo albums were originally released in 2007 and 2011 respectively and are now repackaged with bonus tracks.
Status Quo will star at Llangollen Eisteddfod's closing concert with Bryn Terfel (below left)
STATUS Quo took their fans back in time when they rocked a sell-out crowd at The Sage Gateshead on 12/12/12.
In a by gone decade In old Nuneaton of yesterday The status quo was kept By the elite And at each day break Heavy booted feet of miners Faces tinged blue passed by Along with men whose wheezing Gave witness To lung deflating brickyard dust Hard working Nuneaton men Toiling with pick axe spade and spanner To keep the Lord in his manor But there was one consolation Their efforts laid Food and respect on the table Nuneaton of yesterday meets today Retaining the status quo A working force without jobs can only know It is no longer able to lay Either food or respect on the table.
The original members of Status Quo have got together for the first time in 25 years.
In Howitt's view, Macedonia's status quo is not an option Richard Howitt, rapporteur on Macedonia, stressed Tuesday a date to be determined for launch of negotiation for Macedonia without delay.
ROCKERS Status Quo are to headline at Speke Hall next year.
Status Quo @ Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff (Saturday) * RIGHT, a quick Latin lesson.