station at

station (one) at (some place)

To assign one to remain at some post or location. They stationed us at the overpass to make sure the enemy couldn't slip by undetected. I stationed my sister at the bus station so someone would be there when Mike arrived.
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station someone at something

to position or place someone near something. The manager stationed a receptionist at the door. Would you station a guard at the back door to keep people out?
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References in classic literature ?
There were very few people upon Platform Number Twenty-one of Liverpool Street Station at a quarter to nine on the evening of April 2 - possibly because the platform in question is one of the most remote and least used in the great terminus.
"Next day I left that station at last, with a caravan of sixty men, for a two-hundred-mile tramp.
I was met at the station at Lowell by a gentleman intimately connected with the management of the factories there; and gladly putting myself under his guidance, drove off at once to that quarter of the town in which the works, the object of my visit, were situated.
At a big station at a town the volunteers were again greeted with shouts and singing, again men and women with collecting boxes appeared, and provincial ladies brought bouquets to the volunteers and followed them into the refreshment room; but all this was on a much smaller and feebler scale than in Moscow.
The cab stopped before the railway station at twenty minutes past eight.
A continuation of this line will be the Y-15 station at the Oil Refinery.
Utopia Project--the Utopia Station at Haus der Kunst in Germany
Utopia Station at Haus der Kunst (HDK) in Munich, Germany helps you imaging your ideal world.
George Pataki praised the arrival of the new station at a speech last month at the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park City.
Strategically situated to the north-east of the town, the new TGV station at Valence is a key element in a regional road and rail transport hub.
We reach the 10th Station at the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Although members reaffirmed their commitment to the international space station at an ESA council meeting in Paris last March, they did not put a formal price tag on that support.
Conceptual plans were recently submitted by Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, New York (HOK/NY) for the upgrade of the New York City Transit (NYCT) station at Seventh Avenue and 14th Street.
Currently, NASA uses space suits pressurized to 8 pounds per square inch and plans to operate the space station at 14.7 psi.