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His letter to colleagues may ring eerily familiar to those who attend today's quarterly meetings of the NMC, stating that the "increase in the number of state departments, each established under different laws and adopting different forms, rules, and regulations, has naturally tended rapidly to increase the labors and consequent expenses of insurance companies.
Blaine's amendment was put on a fast track and altered in committee to include language stating, "no such particular creed or tenets shall be taught" in any tax-supported school.
However, the appellate court found the trial court's decision that Ivy's consent to search was voluntary to be clearly erroneous and suppressed the evidence found during the course of the unlawful search, stating that:
This occurs when there is a rule or other public proclamation specifically stating that Internet access would be subject to tax.
Recognizing that funds are clearly available to SUNY, the statute takes the unique approach of naming the landlord and stating that no appropriation shall be available to this particular landlord.
A diplomat named Tobias Lear negotiated a peace treaty; the new document did not contain the exact anti-"Christian nation" language of Barlow's treaty, although it did contain an article stating that the United States has no established church.
He said the Bulletin should properly be viewed not as making law but merely stating what the law is.
A number of these states, including Iowa and Connecticut, have issued bulletins stating their statutes have been rendered unenforceable as a result of Quill, but they will increase enforcement efforts against the ultimate consumers, both businesses and individuals, for payment of the use tax.
The Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) has itself acknowledged these policy concerns with contingency fee audits, stating that most business taxpayers and State administrators agree that such arrangements "are not healthy for the tax system.