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1. slang Impudent, pithy responses or retorts; backtalk. These kids keep giving me so much static that it makes me want to pull my hair out! All right, that's enough of the static—when I tell you to do something, you go and do it!
2. slang Angry or hostile resistance, criticism, or opposition. You're always going to get static from the other political party when one of your own representatives says something, no matter how mundane or universally true it may seem. We're facing a lot of static from employees over the proposed budget cuts.

give (one) static

slang To squabble with or sass one. Just take out the trash like Dad asked you to—you'll get in trouble if you give him any static. Did you really give him static about the terms of the deal? Ugh, he's probably not going to agree to it now!
See also: give, static

give someone static

Fig. to argue with someone; to give someone back talk. I want you to do it and do it now! Don't give me any static!
See also: give, static


n. complaints. I don’t expect any static because of the noise. I warned the neighbors about the party.
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