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elder statesman

1. One who is experienced and successful in a particular area. Because Michael's the elder statesman in our department, everyone always goes to him with questions.
2. One who is no longer working in a particular job but is still considered a valuable resource. Even though he's been retired for a year, Joe is still the elder statesman that gives us all feedback on our manuscripts.
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an ˌelder ˈstatesman

1 a person who has had an important job in government, business, etc. and who, though he/she may have retired (= stopped work), is still likely to be asked for his/her opinion and advice
2 any experienced and respected person whose advice or work is valued: He is regarded as TV’s elder statesman, having worked for the giant CBS network for nearly twenty years.
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"The president-elect wants to seem statesmanlike. He would like to put the country's needs ahead of his own, not only because it's right, but because it's smart politics.
In an effort to stave off a world economic crisis and, perhaps, deflect attention from the Lewinsky sex scandal, Mr Clinton adopted a statesmanlike approach and renewed calls for the reform of world financial markets.
This is most notable in the case of King Abdullah of Jordan, who is described as "statesmanlike" (p.208).
And the photographs--the court reporting--of Heinrich Hoffmann cast him in set roles: heroic and alone, or jovial and human, or statesmanlike; here in the mountains above the populace, there down among them; here in lederhosen, there in a trench coat.
Though hotheaded and ruthless in many respects, he was not without statesmanlike qualities.
Yet the flip side of statesmanlike bearing is Reaganesque detachment.
One of the most influential and statesmanlike of American journalists, Lippmann was editor of the New York World from 1929 to 1931, after which he began writing his famous, widely syndicated column in the New York Herald Tribune (which moved to the Washington Post in 1962).
3 Has a former leader of any country ever looked so statesmanlike, intelligent and decent in hindsight as Barack Obama?
Some men buckle or cower, when cometh the hour, but some statesmanlike come to the fore.
"I wish he (Aquino) could have acted more statesmanlike," he added.
Barbara called on IS to be "statesmanlike" and show mercy.
Rizaov comments ironically that he is astonished when the president significantly, in a statesmanlike manner, is not discussing major issues because he does not miss his wise messages and speeches at all.
Strauss, who only retired as a player last year, earned huge respect during his time as England captain and fits the bill as a highly intelligent, statesmanlike figure in the game.
The First Minister's comments were indeed "statesmanlike" when he recently spoke about the future of the Welsh constitution.