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Exercises give students experience using the software packages StaTable, SPSS and WinPepi, and links are provided for free or low-cost access to each package.
So, he accepts that our judgements about the morality of actions are not generally the result of applying a known statable rule to a particular case: even the application of fairly straightforward principles such as 'keep your promises' requires 'appeals to judgement' (p.
While the conditions on instrument inversion are statable in syntactic terms, they are a reflection of pragmatic factors, specifically the information status of the instrument vis-a-vis the patient/theme.
For bivariate normal distributions, StaTable asks for the z scores that restrict the distribution (1.
Many of the central Biblical conceptions which became elements in Christian doctrine are statable only in the form of metaphor or "this is that": such doctrines as Christ is God and man; in the Trinity, one is three and three are one; in the doctrine of the real presence, the blood and the body are the wine and the bread.
It creates barriers to the creation of now-unknown political choices, in the same way that restrictions on introducing new consumer products might not violate any known, specifically statable preference but still diminish everyone's well being.