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1. n. a thermostat. (see also stats.) I’m afraid you need a new stat.
2. and STAT mod. a medical notation meaning “immediately.” (From Latin statim “immediately.”) The order is marked stat, so do it now.


See stat


n. statistics. The stats are expected to show that the trade balance is growing steadily worse.
See also: stat
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STAT Guardian VMS, comprised of STAT(R) Scanner, STAT(R) Patch and Remediation, STAT(R) Report Center, and STAT(R) Command Center offers proactive protection of information and computer networks from hackers, viruses and other threats.
STAT Scanner, the vulnerability assessment component of STAT Guardian VMS, provides adaptive scanning capabilities to accurately find vulnerabilities in multiple computer operating platforms and applications.
STATS LLC offers the best from sports information leaders AP MegaSports and STATS, Inc.
The first ever "NASCAR Box Score" will be made available after each race by STATS.
Among the numerous new statistics, reports from NASCAR and STATS will analyze driver speeds and the number of cars passed in the straightaways and corners.
VertigoXmedia, an industry leader in broadcast graphics software and hardware, has partnered with STATS LLC, the world's leading sports information provider, to offer customers a seamless system for delivering live sports information to air quickly and cost-effectively.
This is an exciting opportunity for STATS to work with an established broadcast leader," said Greg Kirkorsky, Director of National Accounts at STATS LLC.