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1. n. a thermostat. (see also stats.) I’m afraid you need a new stat.
2. and STAT mod. a medical notation meaning “immediately.” (From Latin statim “immediately.”) The order is marked stat, so do it now.


See stat


n. statistics. The stats are expected to show that the trade balance is growing steadily worse.
See also: stat
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STAT Scanner, the vulnerability assessment component of STAT Guardian VMS, provides adaptive scanning capabilities to accurately find vulnerabilities in multiple computer operating platforms and applications.
Among the numerous new statistics, reports from NASCAR and STATS will analyze driver speeds and the number of cars passed in the straightaways and corners.
It is very gratifying that an organization of NASCAR's stature recognized our talents and capabilities to help them tell the story of NASCAR racing through numbers and analysis," said Jim Capuano, STATS Vice President of Sales.
Each week NASCAR and STATS will offer a pre-race report that offers a glimpse into past performance at the upcoming track, a post-race report that analyzes each race soon after its conclusion, and a season-to-date report showing which drivers have excelled in each statistical category.
This is an exciting opportunity for STATS to work with an established broadcast leader," said Greg Kirkorsky, Director of National Accounts at STATS LLC.
With the STATS data feed supplying up-to-the-minute sports information directly to Xstation, which utilizes our patented template-based functionality to generate graphics and video, broadcasters can easily air more compelling and relevant content," said Darin Crosby, President of Vertigo's Broadcast Solutions Division.
STATS provides real-time sports headlines, real-time game scores and player stats, game schedules, standings, and leader boards via its flexible XML data feeds, which are linked directly to Xstation.