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1. An informal shortening of "statistic," usually used in plural constructions. I found some interesting stats on declining birthrates in certain geographical regions of the world.
2. Right away; without delay. A shortening of the Latin term "statim," used especially in medicine (or as a parody of such usage). I'm losing the patient. I need 10 CCs of epinephrine, stat! Uh oh, I'm starting to feel sober. I need a pint and a shot of whiskey, stat!


1. n. a thermostat. (see also stats.) I’m afraid you need a new stat.
2. and STAT mod. a medical notation meaning “immediately.” (From Latin statim “immediately.”) The order is marked stat, so do it now.


See stat


n. statistics. The stats are expected to show that the trade balance is growing steadily worse.
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