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stash something away

to hide something; to set something aside for use at a later time. Please stash this away somewhere. You may need it someday. You should stash away some money for later.
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stash something in something

to put or shove something into something; to store or hide something in something. You should stash your food in a place that is safe from bears when you go camping. I stashed my clothes in my suitcase and called a taxi.
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main stash

n. the home of a drug user described in terms of where one’s major store of drugs is kept. (see also stash.) My main stash is on Maple, but I’m usually not there.
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1. and stache n. a mustache. I cut my stash off because it was too much trouble to remember not to cut it off.
2. tv. to hide something (somewhere). Stash this under the chair until I can think of a place to put it.
3. n. a concealed supply of drugs, especially marijuana; drugs and equipment to use them stored in a secret place. (Drugs.) Albert’s stash was never located by the fuzz.
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If you're getting EUR100 a week for stashing drugs that's handy money.
Small storage containers with drawers are the latest great fad for stashing goods.
Malaysia's ousted Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim may face sanctions for stashing away confidential government files overseas, the state news agency Bernama reported Friday.
That's the kind of memory that lets a person mentally time-travel back to recall the suite of details of a particular experience, like stashing a casserole behind the milk.
Indeed, there are particularly compelling reasons to begin stashing more away for retirement from now on, Broussard notes.
The birds are busy jackhammering through pitch-soaked pinecones, eating some of the meaty seeds, stashing some on the forest floor for later.