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main stash

1. slang The primary source or store of something, especially drugs or money, which is hidden or secreted away. I came back to the house to find that someone had stolen my main stash of pills. Make sure you keep the main stash safe, or the boss will send you to the bottom of the river with a pair of concrete shoes.
2. slang The house, apartment, or other location at which such a secret store is hidden. Police feel confident they've located the gang's main stash, and they're planning a raid of the apartment tomorrow morning.
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1. slang Money or drugs that have been hidden for personal use or illicit distribution. The police found Brody's stash. If the mob catches up with him, he's a dead man.
2. slang By extension, anything that one hoards or hides away in order to consume on one's own. I always keep a stash of chocolate on top of the cabinets where my wife won't find it.

stash away

To secrete, hoard, or store something away so as to avoid discovery by others or to preserve or amass for future use. A noun or pronoun can be used between "stash" and "away." Please, you have to stash these drugs away for me. The cops won't look in your house! My wife stashes chocolates away in the back of the cupboard like she's trying to hide them from me or something. My grandmother stashed away a bit of money every week under her mattress until she and my grandfather retired.
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stash (something) in (something)

To secrete, hoard, or store something inside of something else. Please, just stash these drugs somewhere in your house—the cops will never look for them there! Why do you stash the chocolates in the back of the cupboard like that? It's like you're trying to hide them from me. I'll stash the presents in my office so we won't have to worry about Tommy accidentally finding them before his birthday.
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stash something away

to hide something; to set something aside for use at a later time. Please stash this away somewhere. You may need it someday. You should stash away some money for later.
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stash something in something

to put or shove something into something; to store or hide something in something. You should stash your food in a place that is safe from bears when you go camping. I stashed my clothes in my suitcase and called a taxi.
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main stash

n. the home of a drug user described in terms of where one’s major store of drugs is kept. (see also stash.) My main stash is on Maple, but I’m usually not there.
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1. and stache n. a mustache. I cut my stash off because it was too much trouble to remember not to cut it off.
2. tv. to hide something (somewhere). Stash this under the chair until I can think of a place to put it.
3. n. a concealed supply of drugs, especially marijuana; drugs and equipment to use them stored in a secret place. (Drugs.) Albert’s stash was never located by the fuzz.
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On the recommendations of OECD, Switzerland introduced Return of Elite East Act under which it has been made mandatory for Switzerland to provide information to those countries about the money stashed in its banks by their citizens with which it has signed agreement on double taxation avoidance and the clause of sharing information is also made part of this agreement.
Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on May 27 announced that the central government has constituted a high level Special Investigation Team to unearth the black money stashed in safe havens.
In the voice recording, published on YouTube late on Monday, Erdoy-an seems to be warning his son Bilal about cash money stashed in several houses.
Cahill bought the upmarket property in Rathmines in 1984 for pounds 80,000 cash - which he had stashed from raids.
He said some commuters have stashed their SUVs and are using bikes instead.
HUNDREDS of undelivered letters have been discovered stashed in a locker at Coventry's main sorting depot.
couple has stashed away $3,000 in savings bonds and another $500 in a savings account.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad High Court (IHC) has sought record in respect of 200 billion dollars stashed by Pakistanis in Swiss banks.
New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday hit back at Congress for failing to take any effective steps like formation of SIT in bringing back black money stashed abroad in the last ten years when it was in power, and charged it with creating hurdles in this regard instead.
New Delhi, Dec 14 (ANI): With Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) slamming the Central Congress for black money stashed away in safe havens abroad, the Congress on Wednesday hit back at the opposition party saying that it was wrong to blame United Progressive Alliance (UPA) only for the issue.
MICHAEL Jackson secretly stashed away a staggering pounds 3.
He stashed some of his haul in a toilet block and some rings in the waistband of his underwear, the court heard.
I heartily applaud the modern trend to have some savings stashed away in case your relationship goes pear-shaped.
It's the first time I've done this since Diana Rigg was nude on stage in London,'' said Reeves, whose broad-minded wife, Catherine O'Neill, stashed the specs in his pocket.
But they had to leave empty-handed after the torch set fire to the cash stashed inside.